How to Beat the Dreaded Winter Cold

Winter is a magical time of year. It’s picturesque and leading up to Christmas, there’s lights, caroling and spirit. Family and friends come together in celebration during the winter, whether it’s over a traditional Christmas dinner or bringing in the New Year. People eat, drink and be merry.

There is, however, a dark, unpleasant element of winter that everyone tries so desperately to avoid. With winter, comes the common cold that can stop people in their tracks, and limit festive enjoyments. It is best to boost the immune systems, dress warmer and halt any germs and viruses.

Stopping a cold, though, or trying to get rid of one can be more difficult than expected. There are many medicines that work, common practices that actually don’t, and many remedies that do, in fact, work, even if some don’t believe they do. Continue reading, and learn how to beat the dreaded winter cold, and learn fact from myth.

Remedies That Work

  • Drink Clear Fluids. If you have a cold, it’s important to keep your body hydrated and drink as much clear liquid as possible. Water, clear broth, warm lemon water and certain teas, can help loosen congestion and aid breathing.
  • Gargle Water. For a sore throat, gargling plain or saltwater can temporarily relieve you from your sore and scratchy throat. It can also reduce the number of colds you get, and give you a 40 percent less chance of contracting upper respiratory infections. For more information on home remedies, visit
  • Rest Your Mind and Body. Your body needs to heal, therefore, rest and indulge in some TLC. Don’t go to work (you also don’t want to spread your germs and affect others). Instead, stay at home where it’s warm and keep from doing any strenuous tasks.
  • Keep Your Diet Healthy. You may not have much of an appetite when you have a cold, but it’s imperative that you eat, so your body has energy to heal itself. Chicken soup, although stereotypical, genuinely helps soothe your mind and body, and if you’re vegetarian or vegan, then any soup with a clear broth can work. This is because it contains calories, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, which helps with bone and cell formation, as well as energy production. Honey, ginger, bananas and oatmeal can also help.
  • Garlic. Used as a medicinal herb for centuries garlic has many healing properties and can be bought in many forms, including power and pills. Garlic can fight bacteria and viruses, as well as stimulating the immune system and, therefore, increasing recovery time.

Remedies That Don’t Work


  • Antibiotics. Don’t ask your doctor for antibiotics, as these attack bacteria not viruses; therefore, rendering them useless when battling against a cold and flu. It will also contribute to your resistance against antibiotics, meaning when you do need them, they won’t make as much of an impact.
  • OTC Medication. Many over-the-counter medications are ineffective for a cold and flu. Although they may relieve you from certain symptoms, in the long run, they don’t aid your recovery. Additionally, OTC medication should never be used for children under the age of 6, unless otherwise recommended by a physician.
  • Zinc Medication. Nowadays, there are many medications that are zine-based. Although these zinc-based medicines can help relieve symptoms, it’s yet to be determined if they help you recover from a cold.



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