3 reasons to move to Massachusetts

When you think of Massachusetts, you may think of beer, sports and maybe even lobster, however, this state has a lot more to offer for you and your family. In fact, New England is an ideal part of the United States to live in, if you’re considering the laid back lifestyle, delicious food, beautiful landscapes and fascinating history and culture. There is so much to do in this diverse state.

A family-focused state

Massachusetts is an ideal state if you already have a family, or are thinking of starting one. Not only does it have some of the best colleges and schools in America, but your children will also have an education that combines traditional values with state of the art schools and a curriculum that combines the arts with sports to be enjoyed in the natural beauty that this state exudes. In fact, the Bay State is great if you are sports lover and enjoy watching games with your family. Massachusetts is not only home to several national winning teams, but you will also be able to find a amateur sports clubs for your kids to join. From lacrosse to hockey, your children have a whole host of sports to try out and love.

Massachusetts also offers a range of housing options and locations for you to choose from. If you enjoy living in the city, then check out the huge range and variety of apartments to rent in Boston Ma. This city’s varied cultural calendar and range of employment options means anyone can find a job and make the move. Plus, there’s a neighborhood for each personality type, from city center nightlife to the leafy suburbs for a quieter lifestyle.

Paradise for foodies

From craft beers to fresh lobster and even clam chowder, Massachusetts is a must for all foodies, especially those who love fresh seafood that’s caught off the nearby coast. Dessert lovers must also try the iconic Boston cream pie, while pizza lovers will want to get their hands on the iconic East Coast thin crust pizza. Not to mention Boston baked beans and fried clams – this state offers a varied range of comforting foods to make all mouths water – both big and small.

A great base for exploring

From the haunting beauty of the harbor of Provincetown, jutting out into Cape Cod, to the rolling hills of the Berkshire Mountains, this state really has it all. History lovers will be able to delve deeper into around 400 years of New England history, with the Amish towns of Old Sturbridge Village, Lexington and Concord only a drive away. The Boston Freedom Trail and Salem Heritage Trail are also great for explorers, where you can enjoy some of the most interesting and legendary history that America has to offer. So if you love weekends away and are eager to be able to escape the city at weekends, then Massachusetts really is the right state for you.

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