Destination Ideas for a Guy’s Weekend

Every guy needs time away from work and family every once in a while. It’s your chance to refresh and hang out with the guys without any distractions. You work hard and deserve to go somewhere spectacular that’ll have you forgetting all about your worries and responsibilities.

Come to the table ready to share ideas of where you think you should all go as a group. There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities for making memories when you’re open to new ideas. Remember that it’s all about adventure and being with your friends. See these destination ideas for a guy’s weekend.


Skiing is a great idea because it’s exciting and will get your blood pumping. Choose to go at your own pace or challenge your friend to a race down the hill. Afterwards you can unwind in the cabin near the fire and talk about how much fun you had on the slopes. Go multiple days in a row to make sure you get it all out of your system before it’s time to go. Skiing is challenging and also relaxing at the same time because you’re out in nature. At least you know you’ll sleep well after a long day of skiing.


Get your friends together and have fun playing games and making money. Take a trip to the Canadian Casinos for a different experience and a time to remember. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert or a regular at the casino. Go there with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. Check out the spectacular casinos and relax with your friends. If you win, then you can play more or be happy with your earrings and return home a richer man. If you get sick of playing, watch your friends go at it and cheer them on.


Camping is a perfect way to spend the weekend with your guy friends. Find a prime location that’s easy for everyone to get to and pop up a few tents. Spend time fishing, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. Have a campfire at night and unwind as you goof around and tell funny stories of your past experiences together. Camping is as active a time as you make it, so come prepared with a list of activities that you think people will enjoy doing.

Sports Event

Pick your favorite sports team and go see them play. Depending upon the sport, there might be an opportunity to attend more than one game. Make a weekend out of it and reserve a hotel where you can crash after a long day of cheering. Arrange to eat a nice dinner as a group at a local hot spot. There’s nothing better than spending a weekend away with your friends at a sporting event.  


There are more options than you think for escaping for a few days with your friends. Plan ahead so you’re sure that your time together is flawless. These are destination ideas for a guy’s weekend.

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