Our Worldwide Family

By Michael Gallegos Borresen

The Creator created our worldwide family. Three different human races were created which are the Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. Today these three races have intermingled and we have millions of people who are racially mixed. Our worldwide family has become a cosmic race. The animals, the plants, and the star people are also included within our worldwide family. We also need to take care of our whole environment before it is destroyed.

We are one worldwide family or one human tribe. Even though we are of many races and ethnicities, we are all related spiritually by our Creator. Our worldwide family needs to be restored to a place where we all live together in a spirit of unity, love, peace, and harmony.

This restoration will occur only if each individual will participate in their personal inner restoration by traveling on their own spiritual and personal growth journey. Then we can all come together to bring healthy restoration to our families and to our Mother Earth. Our worldwide family will be restored to health through an increase of mutual understanding, respect, and communication.

We have created political and religious societies that have caused turmoil, war, and division. Within these polarized communities there is a psychological mentality of; “us versus them.” In order to achieve unity within our worldwide family we need to become US. Let us talk about building bridges instead of walls.

We live in a spiritual universe. Our Creator or the Great Spirit is a spiritual being. All of us were created in our Creator’s image so we are all spiritual beings taking up residence in physical bodies. Spirituality is what will unite our worldwide family.

Today there is shift in human consciousness as we begin to look inward instead of outward. We will not look outside of ourselves for peace and happiness through other people, places, or material things. Instead we will look inward at our inner creative self to find true authentic peace and happiness.

We need to wake up before we destroy our worldwide family. 

Michael Gallegos Borresen is the author of the e-book and audio book, “Our Universal Family.” Available on Amazon.com, the book explains how everyone is part of one universal family and it needs to be restored to a place where everyone lives together in unity, love, peace and harmony. The universal family can be restored to health through mutual understanding, knowledge, respect and communication. The book is written from a spiritual and journalistic perspective regarding a variety of issues that affect our universal family. The goal of this book is to provide information that could open up a much broader discussion worldwide regarding our world family that all share Mother Earth and our entire universe. Like Michael’s Facebook page as well as his profession Facebook page.



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