How to Find the Best Little Black Dress for Your Body Type

By Lindsay Liedke

Every woman knows that having a little black dress in her wardrobe is a must. After all, the LBD is so versatile. This is especially true as the holidays near. Cocktail parties, family get-togethers, even the annual office party can all entertain a good little black dress.

The trick is, however, to find the right little black dress to fit your body type. With so many beautiful body shapes – tall, petite, curvy, or straight – there is a perfect fit for you that is sure to make you the center of attention come party time, or any time for that matter.

The Apple or the Pear

Many women fall under the classic apple or pear body shapes.  And, knowing which shape you are is great when it comes to choosing which type of LBD is going to be the most flattering:

Apple. Apple shaped women tend to have square torsos and not a lot of booty. This means achieving the curvy waistline is more difficult. Create the illusion of curves by wearing a dress with gathering or trim in the middle.


Satin Ruffle Sheath Dress by American Living, Halter Vintage Criss Cross Swing Pin Up Dress by Dress Lily

Pear. If you are sporting the pear shape you tend to have more curves on the bottom half of your body, which, if wearing the wrong dress, can make you look disproportional. Aim for a halter dress that is going to show some skin up top and give off the more balanced triangular look.

Showcase Those Stems

If you think your legs are the highlight of your body, go for a LBD that has a short hemline. Better yet, if shorter is not appropriate, or you aren’t that comfortable showing off your legs, go for a knee length dress that has a slit up the side. This will show off your best asset while maintaining a more conservative look.

Love Those Arms?

Remember when Michelle Obama was heralded for having the best arms on the planet?  Well, maybe your arms are just as sexy and you want to show them off to all your co-workers, friends, and family this holiday season.  Or, maybe you have a hot date and you want to make a great first impression.

Black Draped Dress by Alexander McQueen

No matter the reason, if you are looking for a LBD that shows off your arms, get one like Alexander McQueen’s little black dress.  It has ample shoulder coverage, is a cute length (for those that have equally amazing legs!) and is sure to wow anyone that sees you in it. 

Bringing Sexy Back

Okay, we all know those women that have ahhhmazing backs.

However, if you just happen to be one of those women we so envy, and you have a beautiful backside, here is what you do. Get a little black dress that draws attention to your back. For example, go for a low cut, a cut out such as a slit, or even a bow. Racerback and halter-tops also work wonders for drawing people’s eyes to your best feature.

Don’t Bust Your Bust

Having an ample bust is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to choosing the right LBD. It is best to avoid overkill.

Look for a flattering neckline to create the perfect framework for your bust. For instance, a V-neck, scoop, square, or sweetheart neckline will do the trick. Just make sure the neckline isn’t too deep as this may quickly become inappropriate, and try not to cover completely as much as you may want to.


“Mayrah” Black Empire Waist Deep V A-Line Jersey Tank Dress by Sexy Dresses

The same concept applies to a large bust as bathing suit bottoms. The more you try to cover, the larger you end up looking. It’s all about finding the perfect balance – show some skin, but not too much.

In the end, women should all celebrate the different body types they have with confidence. And, it just so happens that the perfect little black dress can accentuate what makes every woman unique and beautiful.

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