Team CMD – Dominating the Call of Duty Campers

by Liz Tarnof

Gaming. It was a burgeoning phenomenon decades ago, and continues to rapidly expand today. You can find people of all ages gaming, whether it be via their smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles or computers. It’s become a way of life for many, and for some, a true passion. For Team CMD, that is exactly what they are a passionate group that bands together to play Call of Duty (COD) live against other teams. They’ve grown as a team, or as their leader Logic likes to say, a family. They hope to expand their repertoire not only nationally, but internationally. I had the chance to interview Logic about his team and what they do. Read on for more!

Liz: Explain how CMD got started

Logic: The way it started is I was playing Call of Duty one day and I kept getting killed by these people who kept camping in the corners and not moving. I actually got fed up to the point where all I did for the rest of the game was just look for them and kill them. I didn’t care about what my score was or anything, my objective was to keep killing them until they left the lobby. It actually worked; unfortunately there are always more people who want to play like that so I thought of the name “Campers Must Die.”  Literally right after I thought of the name my friend asked me to play and I told him what I was doing and if he wanted to join me. That’s pretty much how CMD was created.

Liz: For all the non-gamers out there, can you explain what it is that your team does?

Logic: [Before explaining what my team does], I would like to explain what a camper is. A camper is a person playing a game like Call of Duty that just stays in one spot for the entire game trying to get easy kills. All we would do is look for people who were camping and kill them in the game until they left. Than we would start playing the game the correct way. If you ask any true gamer, they really hate campers. We are still doing that until this day so to me, it’s a good thing we have going on here since it has been working and people have been wanting to join [the team].

Liz: What have you learned being part of a team for so many years?

Logic: A lot of patience and how to deal with a lot of stress. Still haven’t got the stress part fully down but it’s been getting easier. I also figured out what works with a team and what doesn’t. What we look for is for people who would like to join the team and if they would be a good fit. This team is run very different than a lot of other teams out there. This is really a family rather than a team.

Liz: What are the names of your team members, their position/rank in the group and what strengths do they bring?

Logic: There are many other people on the team but the following people have been on the team for a while and I personally assigned their roles to them.

Balistik – Logistics: Helps out with any problems on the team and tries to fix them before they become a bigger issue as well as thinking of new ideas to help push the team to success.

Akuji – Co-leader: Helping with recruitment for the team as well as assisting in set up for events that we do.

Siege – Researcher: If we ask him to look into something such as new details on the game or updates that will be coming out he gets the information.

Darkchild696 – Captain for the east coast division: Building a team for the east coast side.

Mizzimie – PC Streamer for our stream team: Streaming every day to help promote the team while streaming.

OneAkwardPanda – PC Streamer for the stream team: Streaming when he can to help promote the team while streaming.

Liz: You mentioned you have NOS, Rockstar and other similar companies as sponsors. What would be your dream sponsor?

Logic: MGM Hotel in Vegas! Ha ha. Honestly anyone that is willing to sponsor us and work with my team is just amazing and a blessing. We are not very picky when it comes to this sort of thing and we have been very lucky to have a chance to work with these companies and have their support. We don’t ask for our sponsors to give us things and do nothing in return. We actually treat our sponsors like family to show how grateful we are to be working with them.

Liz: Where will the next tournament be?

Logic: Balistik and I are going to be playing a lot of the new Dragon Ball FighterZ game when it comes out next year to get ready for Evo, the biggest fighting tournament of the year. So I would say next year during the summer.

Liz: What can we expect with CMD in the future?

Logic: We will still be around playing, competing, and streaming. My team and I have been around for 11 years and just recently starting coming out publicly. I don’t think this team will ever fade, not if I’m still alive ha ha.

You can find Logic and Team CMD on their Youtube Channel by searching CMD Logic, or their official website at

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