Fashion? Latest creation offered is DIY hanger slip dress

by David Antunes

Interested in saving $736?

Do it yourself projects are becoming much more popular than ever before even in the fashion world. The latest creation from the Italian fashion house Moschino gives DIY hanger slip dress a entire new meaning to haute couture as it was showcased on the runways. The clear dress made its first appearance in February at Milan Fashion Week. Sashaying along the Milan Fashion Week runway, the Jeremy Scott-designed Fall/Winter 2017 line raised eyebrows and retails for $736.

Why bother with getting your clothes dry cleaned when you can just wear the dry cleaning bag and save yourself a ton of money as well the trouble of shopping for the perfect dress. Moschino is selling what appears to be a dry cleaning bag as a dress which is made of Polyester, at its finest. The sleeveless plastic sack aka “cape sheer overlay dress” is printed with “Free pick up and delivery” text down the front and “We ♥️ our customers” is printed across the paper-look neckline. It doesn’t come with a slip,so layering is a must if you don’t want to expose your birthday suit.

The clear plastic garment is meant to be worn over something else. But now, this head-turning look is off the runways and available for purchase at the U.K. luxury retail site and ships globally. High fashion wants its devotees to pay upscale prices for something is typically tossed.

Many people are seeing it for what it genuinely looks like–garbage. But again, there is that old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It will be interesting to see if this fashion “statement” becomes popular or will become a blip that disappears.

A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, David Antunes is owner of Hair by David, a Kearny, New Jersey salon. David has 20 plus years working with clientele including Madonna, Al Pacino, George Clooney, Kim Cattrall and Betsey Johnson.

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