Mistakes Travelers Make When Traveling Abroad

You could not be more excited about your upcoming trip. You’ve read all the guide books, done research online, talked to people who’ve been to the same countries and started making all of your plans. While you feel like you have a pretty good handle on your trip, you might be making some common traveling blunders without realizing it. Check out the following mistakes and tips to make your trip a success.

Packing Conundrums

Packing can be one of the most difficult parts of planning a trip abroad. You want to be prepared for every type of weather and activity with plenty of options just in case. But this can lead to an overstuffed suitcase, heavy baggage fees and a lot of extra work hauling your bag through every country. Instead of packing a unique outfit for every day of your trip, choose items that can do double duty. You can wear pants more than one day, so choose a neutral color that can go with multiple tops. Pack a sweater that can be casual for sightseeing but also appropriate for a nice dinner out. Don’t pack too many shoes but rather a walking pair and a formal pair that go with all of your outfits.

You also need to make sure that your clothing is appropriate for the countries you’re visiting and the activities you have planned. If you’re going to a more conservative country, make sure you have tops that cover your shoulders and aren’t too revealing. Have closed-toe shoes and pants, even if the weather is warm. Be sure to do some research on what’s appropriate to wear before you leave.

Itinerary Mishaps

Similar to overpacking, many people try to cram too much into their itinerary because they’re so excited about their trip. Create an itinerary to figure out if it’s actually doable. Flights and trains get delayed all the time, cars break down and buses run late. If you have just enough time to make it to your next activity, you’re probably cutting it too close. You also want to give yourself plenty of time to experience and soak in the culture. Allow yourself to have a long lunch where you can people-watch. Give yourself time to go shopping and walk around. You want to enjoy your trip, not be stressed about making the next thing on your itinerary.

Security Lapses

You have been so excited about your trip that you haven’t even thought about what you’re leaving behind. While it’s OK to post some information and updates on social media about your trip, you need to be careful about advertising that your home is empty. Don’t post dates about when you’re leaving or coming home online, and you may even want to wait to post pictures until you get home safely.

You also should set up some security precautions for your home. For example, you may want to set up light timers so it looks like someone is home while you’re away. You also can install a security camera that enables you to monitor your home while you’re away. Look for a home security camera that provides you with a clear picture during the day and at night so you can see that everything is safe and sound.

Traveling is a wonderful experience and you’re going to have a great time. With a few helpful tips and careful planning, you’ll be counting down the days until you can travel abroad again.

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