Things That Disqualify You From Being An Uber Driver

Uber is undoubtedly one of the biggest companies in the world today. What started as a dream a few years ago has taken the world by storm as Uber is now available in dozens of countries, and everyone seems to be benefitting from their exceptional services.

If you wonder why so many people want to work for Uber, read this article to find out how much Uber drivers make. You will be impressed with the figure as they make a good amount of money, just by working as a part time driver.

Now that you are well aware of why Uber is so popular, let’s talk about how to start working for the company.

The process is simple and there’s nothing much to invest except your car. However, not everyone can qualify as the company is hell-bent on offering top notch services and, therefore, has strict restrictions.

Here’s what disqualifies a candidate from being an Uber driver:

Fails Basic Requirements

The initial things that you should have is a car that is a four door and can accommodate at least four passengers. A valid driving license and an insurance for the car under the name of the person who is to apply for being an Uber driver is also on the checklist.

The applicant must also have all the valid documents of the car and the car model should not be older than 2002 (2006 in some states).

  • First of all, for being able to drive for Uber requires the driver to be 21 years of age. If a person is younger than this number then he/she has to wait.
  • The driver must not be a beginner when it comes to driving with at least one year of experience over the age of 23 and three years of experience age 21 to 23.
  • The car to be used must be a four door vehicle.
  • Uber doesn’t accept cars that are not registered or insured on the driver’s name.
  • The model of the car is older than 2002.

Failing A Background Check

Applying for Uber as a driver is just like applying for a job, you have to go through a background check.This is done to check if you are involved in any criminal activity. It is a very important step as the company does not want to hire drivers with a bad record.

In this background check, your driving history will be looked into because Uber is highly concerned with the safety of their passengers. Here’s how Uber runs a background check:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age and have a driver’s license issued in the U.S for at least a year. If you’re under 23 years of age then you must have had driver’s license issued for three years in the United States.
  • Motor Vehicle Record will be checked that proves:
    • You weren’t involved in any DUI or reckless driving cases for at least past seven years.
    • No more than three minor driving violations such as speeding tickets or disobeying traffic laws.
    • No criminal activity, sex offense or felony for the past seven years.

All the background checks for Uber are done by a third party called Checkr, Inc. This company has detailed ways of running a background check. Moreover, they are accredited with NAPBS – National Association of Professional Background Screeners, who make sure each background check is thorough, transparent and accurate.


If you have a clean driving record, have committed no felonies or crimes regarding driving then you are fit for applying as an Uber driver. However, make sure that you stay clean even when you get hired because Uber doesn’t tolerate indecent behavior or reckless driving incidents by their drivers.  

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