Our Universal Mind

By Michael Gallegos Borresen

We all share a universal mind and a universal intelligence. The universal mind can also be referred to as a universal consciousness. The universal mind is everywhere in our universe and is also present in each of our individual minds. Some major characteristics of the universal mind are that it is all powerful, all knowing, all creative, and always present.

A Pre-Socratic philosopher named Anaxagoras had the notion of the universal mind and shared his knowledge around 480 BC. He taught that everything was created by the mind and that the mind held the cosmos together and gave human beings a connection to the cosmos, or a connection to the divine.

The term Universal Mind was originally derived from Georg Wilhelm Friedric Hegel. According to Hegel, “Universal Mind is the universal higher consciousness or source of being in some forms of esoteric or New Thought and spiritual philosophy. It may be considered synonymous with the subjective mind or it may be referred to in the context of creative visualization, usually with religious or spiritual themes.”

When we individually make a connection to the universal mind, then anything is possible. We can use the universal intelligence for our personal good and for the good of our universal family. Living in a mental state of universal consciousness will allow us to make better choices and we will tap into universal creativity.

In order to make use of the universal mind, we must become aware that there is a universal mind within our vast universe. We need to have an open mind that is open to new ideas, concepts, theories, perceptions, and beliefs. A closed mind will have psychological walls stopping the universal mind from operating within our conscious state of mind. The best way to access the universal mind is to slow down our personal thought processes and engage in spiritual prayer and meditation.

Michael Gallegos Borresen is the author of the e-book and audio book, “Our Universal Family.” Available on Amazon.com, the book explains how everyone is part of one universal family and it needs to be restored to a place where everyone lives together in unity, love, peace and harmony. The universal family can be restored to health through mutual understanding, knowledge, respect and communication. The book is written from a spiritual and journalistic perspective regarding a variety of issues that affect our universal family. The goal of this book is to provide information that could open up a much broader discussion worldwide regarding our world family that all share Mother Earth and our entire universe. Like Michael’s Facebook page as well as his profession Facebook page.

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