Shift Happens

I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become. – Carl Jung

By Michael Gallegos Borresen

There is a shift taking place worldwide that is a shift in spirituality and human consciousness. A major shift is a transformation of personal human consciousness. Shift begins with our individual personal growth and recovery.

During our first five years as a toddler is when our subconscious mind gets programmed as we begin being socialized. A lot of this programming could be erroneous programming and could be negative and possibly coming from an environment where there could have been trauma, abuse, or neglect. As a result many of us grow up with a false self and our true authentic self goes into hiding. The major shift is the transformation from our false self into our true self.

Shift is definitely an inside job. When our inner person shifts then our outer world will also undergo a shift. It is a transformational shift that changes our lives in all various areas in our inner world and our outer world. Let us explore various ways in which we can make our personal shift happen.

Shift our thoughts. We have an average of about 50,000 thoughts per day and the majority of them are negative. We need to exterminate the ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) in our head and replace them with happy pleasant thoughts. Are we in control of our thoughts or are our thoughts in control of us?

Shift our awareness. In order to make shift to happen in our lives both inner and outer, we need to become aware of what needs to be shifted. We need to become aware of our thought, actions, and behaviors. Once we become aware of issues that we want to change then we can take the action to transform them or delete them from our life.

Shift our belief system. During our childhood years our minds were programmed with a core belief system that was forced upon us. As we grew up as kids and teenagers, our minds were further programmed with beliefs from our parents, teachers, friends, preachers, television and radio. We enter into adulthood with a belief system that could not be our own personal beliefs but instead could be false and erroneous beliefs. Our belief window could be dirty and needs to be cleaned. It is hard to change our ingrained beliefs and it is a lot easier to create new beliefs that we can make our own and feel comfortable with them.

Shift our state of mind. Our state of mind is the world that our life operates from. We have a better positive life operation if we are living from a beautiful state of mind. In order to have a beautiful state of mind we need to work on and transform our BS (belief system). We should also have a state of mind in the present moment and in reality.

Shift our perception. This is a native quote, β€œIt does not matter what you are looking at that matters; it is what you see.” Many times we see it not what it really is. It could be a false perception. A good example is that when you first meet or see someone you will have preliminary perceptions about them. Then when you spend quality time with them you see that your perception of them was wrong. In order words we a have all heard the saying not to judge a book by its cover.

Shift our health. People are realizing that it is important what we absorb into our living cells. Putting nutritional substances into our body cells prevents sickness and gives us health. Putting toxic substances into our body cells will cause disease and sickness in our body.

Shift our behaviors. We can either have self-defeating behaviors that can turn into self-destructive behaviors. The shift is to have positive productive behaviors that turn into self-enhancing behaviors. Can you imagine that if each day we performed at least one positive productive behavior where our lives could be in one year?

Shift from victim to victor. Many of us operate out of a victim mentality if we our subconscious mind was programmed with a victim program by people with a victim mentality. The shift is to transform our victim mentality to a victor mentality. Being a victim limits us from acting and becoming all that we can be.

Shift our habits. We have all heard that humans are creatures of habit. There are bad habits that are self-destructive and can turn into life damaging addictions. Then there are good habits that are self-enhancing and will move our lives into a productive abundant life. The shift is to transform our bad habits into good habits.

Shift our emotions. For many people our emotions have our inner person trapped inside an emotional prison. Our emotions can paralyze us. The strongest emotions that could have us stuck are shame, fear and guilt. We need to shift into a place of emotional freedom. Sometimes we need to take an emotional laxative to make shift happen.

I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become. – Carl Jung

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