How to be a Successful Out of Town Realtor

by Lindsay Liedke

Even if you live in the fabulous city of Las Vegas as a local realtor, it is not a bad idea to get educated on how to become a successful out of town realtor. In fact, though Las Vegas is known for being a transient town, it is currently in second place as the fastest growing city in the country. Adding to that, plenty of people visit Las Vegas regularly, and even have vacation homes here, that permanently reside elsewhere.  

One such residence is Florida.

Florida is much like Las Vegas in terms of weather, demographics and entertainment.  This makes Florida appealing to many Las Vegas residents who may want a vacation home, a rental property, or a second residence to visit, profit, or even make it a home. That said, here are some excellent tips for becoming a successful out of town realtor for those times your connections in Las Vegas seek you out with their property investment needs in Florida.

Get Licensed in Florida

In order to become a successful out of town realtor in Florida, you have to have your Florida real estate license.  In fact, before you can even take the actual real estate license test, you must have 63 hours of pre-licensing education from a Florida real estate school. 

Being licensed in Florida to help people buy and sell their properties gives you the power to utilize your Las Vegas connections, but in another state. This widens your target audience and lands you more clients in the process, especially as your reputation builds.

Understand the Time Difference

This may seem trivial at first, but is important to understand that while it may still be business hours in Las Vegas at the time you call your Florida clients, the time difference puts them three hours ahead of you. 

Calling people during their commute home from work, or during dinnertime, can be inconvenient and annoying to your clients.  Learn to respect the time differences so that you catch your clients at opportune times to discuss their investment plans. 

Offer Variety When it Comes to Communication

Your Florida clients are bound to be different in all ways.  For example, things that will differ from client to client include income, end goals, experience with buying and selling real estate, and communication preferences.

For instance, some clients may be extremely tech savvy and wish to communicate only via electronic devices such as email, online portals, and text.  Others may prefer face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or even written correspondence.

It is important your cater to your client’s needs and stay on top of their preferred communication method so you don’t lose them to a local Florida real estate agent.  

Sure, you may have the authority to command real estate deals in Florida despite being an out of town realtor, but convenience often trumps experience despite the quality of service your provide.

In the end, it is not enough to know that the Las Vegas housing market is finally seeing some optimism.  If you are going to be successful as an out of town realtor, you have to know the market trends happening nationwide in order to best serve your clients and clinch a positive success rate.

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