Don King’s Annual Christmas Turkey Giveaway to continue in Las Vegas

Hall of Fame Promoter, 86, Plays ‘Santa’ For Needy Families As He Joins Forces with Boca Raton’s Costco

A 50-year-plus tradition of donating turkeys to needy families around Christmas time will continue when legendary Hall of Fame boxing promoter, Don King, and his staff will visit nine cities in seven states, including Las Vegas, in five days as part of his annual Christmas Turkey Giveaway.

The architect and impresario behind the fabled The Rumble In the Jungle and Thrilla in Manila and countless other historic classic boxing events, King will give out thousands of Butterball turkeys in Cleveland, Nashville, New Jersey, Los Angeles, New York, Palm Beach, Florida., Deerfield Beach, Florida and Miami.

“We are here to help those in need,” said King. “We have been doing this for more than 50 years and it has always been about the people of this great country. Thanks to our friends at Costco and especially Boca Raton’s meat manager Chris Chin Young and Costco’s wonderful staff including Kim Serrara, Ed Wiegman, Dani Lauro, Charline Schmidt and Allan Siddons, we will be helping those in need during this holiday season.. God Bless America and Happy Holidays.”

On Friday, December 15, the turkey giveaway will be held at Church of the Lord Jesus, 1260 Barlett Ave. For more info, contact Daphne Sanders at 702-504-4466.

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