Addiction 101

By Michael Gallegos Borresen

Self-destructing addictions are destroying our universal family. Addictions can be psychological, behavioral, or substance abuse. Addictions range from bad habits to obsessive-compulsive addictions. Addictive behavior is an epidemic throughout our universal family and has destroyed the peace and harmony in our world. Many people with bad addictions will end up in a prison, hospital, or worse, dead. All addictions cause major family dysfunction.

Psychological addictions are also known as addictions of the mind. These include activities such as television, video games, Internet, gambling, religion and other compulsive addictions that we choose to engage in that will alter our human consciousness. Constantly engaging in a fantasy world can become a self-defeating addiction. Even compulsive/obsessive thinking is an addiction of the mind.

Behavioral addictions are bad habits that can turn into an addiction. These include activities such as procrastination, sex, overeating or starvation, shopping, or other bad self-defeating behaviors. It is very hard to change our beliefs and our psychological make-up, but we can change our self-destructive or self-defeating behaviors. We need to become aware of our behavioral addictions and then take action to stop them by attending personal support groups or a spiritual community. The goal is to replace our self-defeating behaviors with self-enhancing behaviors.

Substance addictions are chemical addictions that include drugs, alcohol and smoking. We will intake these chemical substances into our brains so that we can feel good even though it might only be for a temporary time period. Many people will consume substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, or prescription drugs.

A very good quote about addiction is by Eckhart Tolle who said that an addiction is a false pleasure that will eventually turn into pain. You will know that you have an addiction when you believe that you no longer have a conscious choice to quit it. But you do and our universal family can help if you reach out.

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