‘DANCING FOR DOLLARS’ by Victoria M. Howard is a story of triumph!

Dancing for Dollars

by Nicole Muj

What do Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lady Gaga, Anna Nicole Smith, Courtney Love and Amber Rose have in common?  Before they were famous, they were strippers – dancing for dollars.  Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody says, “It’s no secret that I was once a Minneapolis strip club dancer.  Hell, I still go by my stage name and I’m not the least bit ashamed.”

Accomplished author, Victoria M. Howard and her latest book, “Dancing For Dollars” is the story of four extraordinary women from diverse backgrounds who meet at an upscale Gentleman’s Club in South Florida.  “Dancing For Dollars,” takes you into a world filled with sex, drugs, secrets and murder.  Characters include Mika, who arrived penniless to the United States after being ostracized by her family who did not believe her cries of rape; Francesca, the good Italian Catholic girl who became pregnant in high school; Bella, the brilliant Swedish student, who was kicked out of her home and university for having an affair with her female professor, and Abigail, who was repeatedly beaten and abused because of Mother Nature’s foible.

Howard invites readers to venture behind the curtains and meet the Johns, the junkies, the rich and powerful through the eyes of Francesca, Mika, Bella and Abigail.  Survival is the name of the game and these girls know how to win!

“Dancing For Dollars” is now available on Amazon for $20.99 and Kindle for $3.99.  A guilty pleasure for your reading lists!

Photos Courtesy of Bergman Public Relations.

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