What Are Store Credit Cards and How They Give Best Credit Card Offers

How often have you found people at a store convincing you to sign up for a store credit card? A lot of departmental stores and retailers recently offer best credit card offers to its customers through store credit cards. They not only prove to be a long-term investment but also provide promotions and amazing chances of savings.

What are store credit cards?

Store credit cards are offered by departmental stores and many high-end retailers to make your shopping easier. Usually, such cards are not provided by the store, but by the bank that is affiliated with it. Providing you with best credit card offers, these cards function as closed-loop cards. That is to say that they will only be used at the store for which they are issued, and not elsewhere for example at a filling station, or a restaurant.

Is the store credit card worth it?

If you can analyze the promotional offers by a card, then store credit card is a win-win. Before you choose one, look for the best credit card offers, and this is how you can multiply your savings with everyday purchases.

What are the pros and cons of owning a store credit card?


The main advantage of having a store credit card is to increase up on your savings, as well as to get your hands on the best credit card offers. Moreover, they provide a lot of long-term benefits such as:

The best credit card offers to let you enjoy promotions and discounts

With a store credit card, you get to enjoy many discounts and promotional offers. A product might cost you a certain amount, but with a store credit card and the certain percentage of discount that it has to offer, give you a chance of saving money in the long run.

They let you upgrade your credit history

Since they are not very hard to get, the store credit cards can help you uplift your bad credit score. Similarly, if you have just started building your credit score, a store credit card can give you an advantage of building your score the correct way.

They can decrease your overall credit utilization ratio

This is simple. A store credit card will increase your line of credit, which means that even if you make a small purchase, but pay it back in time every month, you will see a massive decrease in your credit utilization ratio.


With advantages come a few disadvantages as well.

High-interest rates

A lot of consumers sometimes feel that instead of providing the best credit card offers, a store credit card charges a high interest that becomes hard to manage in the long run.

Debt cycle

Sometimes, the consumers can find themselves trapped in a vicious debt cycle because of non-payments of the store credit cards.

Lines of credit

The overall low lines of credit can become troublesome for some consumers over the period.

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