How to Embrace the Sportswear Trend

Cozy sweats, a seriously slick pair of bright sneakers and even sports bras have made fashion go active this winter. In fact, you don’t even need to be a gym bunny to embrace this season’s trend, as active wear is well and truly here to stay. Sportswear is a must if you want to get seen and be seen this winter. Ideal for either dressing up for a night out with a pair of heels, or a low-key brunch with friends at the weekend, get your leggings on and throw on a branded jacket. The active wear trend looks likely to last well into 2018.

Get brand savvy

Even if the idea of going to the gym brings you out in a cold sweat, you need to know your sportswear brands if you want to remain in fashion this winter. Don’t miss Lululemon for comfy and seriously on trend yoga and loungewear, ideal if you fancy improving your home yoga routines, while Adidas remains a must-have for sneakers and awesome jackets and outerwear – transforming your winter wardrobe into something that is both comfortable and cool at the same time. If you usually embrace your heels or prefer Ugg boots, then change is afoot. Any sportswear trend follower wouldn’t be seen dead without their bright and supportive sneakers, think New Balance or Under Armor, to add some flair and wow to any outfit.

Keep it practical

Ok it might sound obvious, but sportswear is designed to keep you dry and support you during your workout. So it’s important to keep it practical if you seriously want to nail this trend. If you do enjoy working up a sweat then be sure to choose sports or active wear over items that are designed as lounge wear, or with fashion in mind. That doesn’t mean that your entire look need go by the wayside, but it makes sense to choose items that are in line with your lifestyle too. Most brands offer pieces that are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics – perfect if you want to layer up while meeting friends, before stripping down for your kettle bell class.

Do wear it courtside

The whole point of sportswear is that you wear it while you watch sports, duh! So if you are a diehard Nicks fan, or love going to see live soccer games then make sure you dress to impress. Check out sites such as Ticket Sales to pick up your NFL tickets, while leaving you with money to spare for those last-minute merchandise accessories. You’ve perfected your new look, so now it’s time to rock it.

Sportswear is a trend that is very much here to stay. So even if you don’t leave a very active lifestyle, there’s no reason why you can’t let elements of this influence your wardrobe choices. Do make sure you research your brands and keep your outfit choices practical to meet with your lifestyle and daily routine. Finally, rock your new look courtside too – if it’s good enough for Kim and Khloe then it’s good enough for you!

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