Dysfunctional Family

By Michael Gallegos Borresen

Our worldwide family is definitely a dysfunctional family. The majority of families in the world are also dysfunctional families. As a result, many people grow up as dysfunctional human beings due to their abnormal mental and emotional programming. Many of our political and religious leaders operate out of a dysfunctional mindset. For our worldwide family not to be so dysfunctional, we must each deal with our immediate personal dysfunctional family issues.

Dysfunctional families are generational. The dysfunction is passed on through generations through both heredity and nurture. Many of us growing up during our socialization process had to endure some level of childhood trauma, abuse or neglect. As a result we became confused adults with a faulty belief system and also faulty perceptions of our world and ourselves. Our family system probably had some level of psychological or mental issues and as a result created an abnormal dysfunctional environment that we had to grow up in.

Through spiritual and personal recovery growth we can get out of the confusion and get some healthy clarity about our universe and ourselves. What happens to a child who grows up in a fearful environment is that their authentic true self goes into hiding and a false self emerges. This false self runs the show and will make bad life choices, create unnecessary drama, and engage in self-defeating behaviors. Probably the most important facet of the spiritual and personal growth journey is to get to know and to love our true authentic self.

Spiritual and personal growth is a process that takes place inside of us. We all have psychological or emotional blockages that are like roadblocks that keep us from moving forward in life. We were born as free spontaneous babies until we got socialized. During the first five developmental years is when our belief system and perceptions started to be programmed into our minds. Many of us were mentally conditioned or socialized with possible erroneous false beliefs and perceptions about ourselves and the world. As a result we live our life from these faulty beliefs and perceptions.

In spiritual and personal recovery, we can change these erroneous beliefs and perceptions, but we must first become aware of them in our conscious mind in order to work on them and change them. The subconscious mind has no sense of chronological time, so what happened to us as a child growing up in our dysfunctional family can surface into the present time conscious mind and appear to be happening again in the present moment. Many people have realized that it is a lot easier to create new beliefs than change the beliefs that we were programmed with during our growing up years. As we get further in the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, our perceptions will change as we see the world and ourselves through different eyes.

Many of us who had to endure growing up in a dysfunctional family had to survive so we grew up with survival traits. These survival traits helped us when we needed them but they will get in the way as adults when we are still surviving when we no longer need to. There are many survival traits but two of the strongest traits are control issues and having a huge ego that runs you’re life’s decisions and behaviors. The word ego could mean “Edging God Out.”

Many of our political and religious leaders within our universal family possess control issues and have a big ego. They also grew in a dysfunctional family and this is what causes our universal family to also be a dysfunctional family. ‘Wanting to be in control and having a huge ego is what causes the “us versus them” psychological syndrome and will cause division and unnecessary wars.

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