How to Deal with the Loss of a Loved One

One of the hardest experiences in your life will be losing a loved one. You will more than likely feel a great sense of loss, and might be unsure how both you and your family will cope or ever move on with your lives. If you’ve recently lost a loved one and are struggling with the loss, here are a few ways to help you cope.

Realize People Will Grieve Differently

People grieve differently. What works for you will not necessarily work for another, and vice versa. Many people often feel a desire to isolate themselves or may experience feelings of numbness after losing a loved one, while others might seek comfort in others and cry uncontrollably every day. It is important to realize that dealing with loss is a personal journey, which is why you shouldn’t second guess your thoughts or feelings, or compare yourself to others. You simply need to do what you need to do to recover.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help

There is no reason to suffer in silence if you don’t have to or want to. There is help available to people who need it after losing a loved one. For example, talking to a counsellor could be beneficial, as you will have a forum away from the family to share your deepest emotions and feelings without judgement, and the act of talking could help you to heal. You can also receive practical assistance to help you move on; for instance, if your loved one has committed suicide and you’re left with the suicide scene, you might just want to find out more about a professional suicide cleanup to help with physically cleaning up the scene of the tragic event, stopping any further emotional disturbance from occurring.

Aim to Actively Move On

You might wonder how you will ever move on after losing a much-loved family member or loved one. However, the loss of a loved one may make you realize that life can be too short, which is why you should aim to do things that make you happy. Keep yourself busy by doing things that bring you comfort, which will provide your life with more meaning. Start setting goals and making plans, even if you don’t want to. Fake it until you make it, and remember that your loved one would only want you to be happy.

Cherish Your Memories

Thinking of your loved one can often be upsetting, but the best way to honor their life is by cherishing the memories you both shared over the years. Many people often remember the painful aspects of loss, such as the end of a loved one’s life. Yet, focusing on painful memories will only make the grieving process much harder.

Go through old photographs and watch homemade videos to remind yourself of all the positive memories you both shared, and try to remember the best parts of their personality, which could be their funny sense of humor, wisdom, or hard work ethic. Cherish your memories and their best qualities to honor their legacy, so they will never truly be gone from your life, as they will always be with you in spirit.


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