Human Consciousness

By Michael Gallegos Borresen

What is human consciousness?

Consciousness is an awareness of the thoughts, images, sensations and emotions that flow through the mind at any given moment. Consciousness is also a subjective private world inside all of us. By being subjective means that we are free to choose our thoughts or change our thoughts. The key to conscious living is becoming aware of our thoughts. For many people their thoughts have become automatic and have been programmed since they begin being socialized as children.

The shift of human consciousness will occur as we become more aware of our conscious thinking. It will be a shift of awareness in our thoughts as well as our perceptions and emotions. Is your human consciousness a negative destructive consciousness or a positive enhancing consciousness?

Our consciousness can be based on reality or fantasy or a combination of both. Realistic consciousness is normal consciousness and is often problem oriented. Consciousness based on fantasy involves a rich imagination and is utilized a lot of the time when we are daydreaming. The problem with fantasy is the fantasizing could be negative and not based in real truth. It can be destructive when we make our life choices or behaviors based on false fantasy. Having a healthy conscious is having the awareness of when we are in the mental state of reality or fantasy. Imagination is a good thing when it is oriented toward realistic problem solving or creating positive solutions.

Our human consciousness is accessible through introspection. We can self-regulate our consciousness. The main way is by practicing meditation on a daily basis. Meditation is the oldest method of in which we are able to alter our consciousness as we slow down our thought processes and become aware of our thoughts. Through the process of meditation we can change our thoughts as we become aware of what we are thinking. Meditation also produces physiological changes characteristic of deep relaxation as well as changes in brain waves.

Human consciousness has been destroyed for many years because people will engage in drug-altered consciousness. Addictive behaviors can also be a person’s drug of choice. Consciousness, especially when it is focused on reality, can many times not be a pleasant experience to entertain. As a result a person will medicate their brain with alcohol or different types of drugs both legal and illegal. We alter our consciousness with drugs so as to feel good and have a created false happiness and to mentally escape from harshness of a reality consciousness.

The drug industry has thrived by helping people alter their conscious state of mind. Not just the drug industry, but also other consciousness altering industries like the gambling industry and the religion industry. These industries share a common goal and that is to addict their consumers into a fantasy world that makes them feel good.

Many criminal activities within our universal family have occurred when a person is in an altered consciousness state of mind. Our prisons are full with people who would not have committed the crime in a normal state of mind. A shift in human consciousness will lower our worldwide crime rate.

Our universal family will become healthier once we undergo a positive shift in consciousness. Instead of medicating with drugs we will alter our consciousness with spiritual meditation. Having a spiritual high can be better than some of the best drugs. We can change our consciousness by having a healthy awareness of our individual consciousness. We can have a better world with a cumulative consciousness where everyone is focused on thinking on solutions instead of problems.

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