Stunning Engagement Rings You Can Expect to See This Year

Choosing the right engagement ring is a big deal. Get it wrong and you risk a big fat NO, or at least years’ worth of resentment.   After all, women can be very particular about the ring they plan to show off to everyone they know, and wear for the rest of their lives.

That said, there are those women that always want what is trending when it comes to their jewelry, and their engagement rings are no different.

Here are the trends that are expected in the engagement ring industry this 2018. This way, should you love a woman that wants what is stylish, modern and all the rage, you don’t disappoint her the day you get down on one knee, profess your love and ask her to marry you.

Oval Rings

Though round diamonds are a classic look, it is not surprising that oval engagement rings are making a comeback.

Though they never really went out of style, their vintage yet beautiful look is making waves this year and show no signs of stopping.

Open Rings

This unique look is hitting the shops because more women are demanding it. With an open ring, you have the option to truly personalize it, perhaps with two different stones such as a diamond and a colored gemstone.

This unusual styled ring also maintains a classic look. And, while it can be difficult to make it super flashy, since there are only two distinct sections making up the ring, the open section allows for a more creative wedding band to match it, without looking overly gaudy.

East to West Settings

Though this style has been around for some time, the truth is, east to west settings are becoming trendier this year. Taking a traditional marquise, oval, pear, or even emerald cut stone and placing it “sideways” gives the wearer a distinctive look that isn’t too far-fetched.

Plus, it allows women a chance to have something different without straying too far from the classic solitaire look.

Rose Gold

There are plenty of women out there scoffing at anything less than platinum gold. However, rose gold is rising in popularity and we are glad to see it. After all, this delicate color makes any ring stand out and offers a stunning place for diamonds of all sizes to rest and shine.

With its feminine appeal, celebrity backing (Lauren Conrad being one major lover of rose gold engagement rings), and ability to accommodate all stone types, rose gold engagement rings have some serious staying power.

Colored Gemstones

Just as brides are no longer only wearing white on their wedding day, women are done demanding only diamonds in their engagement rings.

In fact, more women than ever are opting to add colored gemstones into their rings to add pops of color, personalize their ring as one-of-a-kind, and simply cater to their love of color.

Ring Stacking

In a traditional sense, engagement rings designed to stack come as a pair to perfectly match the accommodating wedding band. They either fit next to each other like a puzzle piece or lay on top of one another to become one ring.

However, 2018 is seeing a turn in this trend where women are instead choosing two completely different rings that are not made to stack up against each other seamlessly.

This trend lends more creativity to the ring buying purchase and allows brides to be less meticulous about their stack purchases.

In the end, 2018 is sure to see many of these engagement ring trends play out as men across the world seek to spend the rest of their lives with the women they love.


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