3 Common Challenges Faced by Business Managers

Business managers must be prepared for anything. You never know when a new project will require everyone to work in harmony to deliver the right results on time and it will challenge the perceptions of what the team can handle. Whether it’s a change in the law that disrupts how the business is run or goals requiring an acceleration of the existing plans, there’s never a dull day as a manager of a business.

Here are three of the most common issues facing business managers today.

Business Ethics 101

Business managers are also leaders and must do so by example. Whether they know it or not, junior management staff follow the lead of the top person. They must be clear on what’s expected of them and to make the right decisions from an ethical standpoint without needing to be monitored doing it.

When a leader fails to recall a faulty product because of the cost to the business, the long-term damage to the brand and the cost of defending and paying out lawsuits will likely massively exceed the cost of the recall.

When McNeil-PPC, a division of Johnson & Johnson failed to recall boxes of Tylenol and other medicines in 2010 that were repeatedly reported over a few months as having an unpleasant odor, the FDC reacted angrily to their inattention (the recall happened months later). A previous product recall by Johnson & Johnson in 1982 was highly praised for its rapid response and had been used as a case study for how companies should respond to physical product issues.

Dishonesty Creates Chaos

Being honest about mistakes made, from the top on down, is an important lesson. Staff need to see that accountability is firmly in place and the buck stops with the people at the top. When business leaders are accountable, other people step up in a “we stand together” response that comes naturally. Conversely, when business managers don’t accept the blame that’s appropriate and proportional, their peers and other staff in the company quickly understand that what they say and what they do aren’t the same. Then they lose all respect for them.

Learning about business management from the ground up is the best way to approach it. The Arizona State University Online studies program allows students to take a bachelor of science in management degree over the internet instead of on campus. The online business management degree covers topics like leadership within the organization and with other managers, dealing with different cultures with an organization, and ensuring the behavior of the organization is consistent with the brand.

Teams in Conflict

Teams don’t work well when there’s conflict simmering just under the surface. Learning how to talk with people from different walks of life, work through their problems and resolve a conflict quickly and decisively is a critical skill as a manager.

As a business manager, there’s considerable weight on your shoulders. It’s important to behave in a measured manner, weigh up the pros and cons in each given situation, and make the right decision quickly. Studying business management is often the best way to learn how to do this effectively.

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