What to Look For in a Comprehensive Food Safety Program

There is no denying that food safety is important. Not only is it important to those that are consuming the food, it is crucial that food establishments not only remain compliant with the ever-changing laws, but ensure the safety of their customers in order to preserve its reputation and brand.

Keeping a solid handle on food safety practices is something that all business owners must be vigilant. There are rules and regulations to follow, employees to manage, and daily operations to handle in order for a restaurant to stay in business.

However, there is much to be said about having a specific plan in place to ensure that your establishment is in line with all food safety regulations.

In fact, utilizing a high tech system such as SureCheck® to help with things such as data compilation, food safety best practices, and food safety temperatures, to name a few, can have a lasting positive effect on your business’ food safety program.

If you are in the beginning stages of outlining a food safety program for your restaurant, check out these essential steps that should be included, all of which is included in PAR’s SureCheck® solution.

General Safety Points

It is important to identify the major food safety control points within your business so everyone involved knows exactly what is being monitored, what the correct thresholds are, and how to correct any issues.


Make sure your employees know exactly what they are in charge of when it comes to food safety. From there, follow up and make sure they are following the right protocol.  The only way you can make sure everyone is on board with food safety is to monitor their behavior while on the job.

Proper Recordkeeping

In line with accountability is accurate recordkeeping.  You need to know at all times who is monitoring employees, who is completing specific food safety actions, and who is in charge of correcting any issues.  This ensures that in the case of a legal issue, you have solid proof of what did, or didn’t, happen.

Cost Effectiveness

Any safety program implemented in a business setting should keep overall budgets in mind. After all, the point of running a business is to make a profit.  And, while food safety is a priority, it is just smart business to utilize the most cost effective means for putting the program into action, without going over budget.

Room for Improvement

Simple compliance with federal food safety laws will make sure customers don’t get sick after consuming an establishment’s food. That said, there is no reason owners and chefs can’t add in some areas that go above and beyond food safety. Try targeting things that can help with the food quality and level of service being provided to make a restaurant that much more successful.

In the end, with a cloud-based solution such as PAR’s SureCheck® software, restaurateur’s can accomplish all of the above and more, without going over budget, sacrificing daily operations, or risking the health and safety of customers.

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