Grow Your Business Contacts with These Handy Follow Up Tools

No matter what industry you happen to be in, you will want to grow your business contacts whether they are clients or suppliers. However, building a list of leads that is verifiable can be tedious work because today’s job market tends to be highly transient. As the old saying goes they are “here today and gone tomorrow.” If you want a strong list of business contacts, these follow up tools just might do the trick.

Invest in a CRM

While this may not be an affordable solution to all businesses, it is a way to automate much of your follow up work. A Customer Relationship Management system can keep track of your business leads as well as customer leads. This platform can remind you when to follow up and then send out emails as you set them for future dates. It’s amazing what this platform can do for you in the background, but again, not every small business has the funding to buy into software or Cloud-based services.

Create a Spreadsheet and Address Book

Every business has Office software with spreadsheet capability, right? Here you can begin creating your own database and keep a ledger of when you’ve contacted business leads, the outcomes and suggest follow-up dates to keep your information up-to-date. It takes a bit of effort, but it is one way to keep all your information handy so that you can refer to it in the future.

Send Out Periodic Emails

As mentioned, today’s workforce is more transient than anytime in the past and why it’s important to touch base periodically with emails to ascertain whether or not your contact is still ‘on the job’ with that company. B2B networking is important in any industry so it pays to keep up with who you should be talking to. There is a handy online tool, an email verifier which lets you check to see if that particular email address is still valid at a company before sending out emails to follow up leads. Check the site out for more information.

Don’t Forget the Telephone!

In this digital age, every now and again it’s nice to hear a human voice. Why not pick up the phone and give your leads a call from time to time to touch base with them, tell them about any news you might have and see what’s new on their end. Sometimes we forget that human contact is always nice.

Snail Mail Is Still an Option

Some companies have postcards printed up for just this purpose; a “Friendly Hello” seems to work well. You can address the postcard to the exact name or to the position if you have any doubts as to whether or not your contact is still employed with that company. For example, instead of simply addressing the mail to John Smith, you could address the card to Human Resources or Sales Director.

The main point is that it is vital to stay in touch with B2B leads if you want to keep your network going and growing. Whether you choose to phone them, email them or touch base in a CRM platform, you do need to stay on top of those leads. These tools should help.

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