Award-winning Documentarian Continues the Discussion In Honor of World Cancer Day on Feb. 4

by Nicole Muj

In recognition of World Cancer Day, Feb. 4, non-traditional and more natural methods of cancer treatment are gradually becoming more and more recognized as being worthwhile treatments to consider when facing this terrible disease.

In the award-winning documentary “Cancer Can Be Killed,”  filmmaker Jeff Witzeman explores non-traditional treatments for cancer treatment. He was inspired to make the film after his wife Kerry was cured and cancer free after receiving non-invasive, more natural treatments, such as dietary change, hormonal treatments, ozone therapy, cyroablation and hyperthermia. In the film, Witzeman goes on a quest to find out why his wife was cured of stage three cancer in only 30 days, via natural treatments commonly used in Germany, instead of pursuing the often aggressive methods promoted by the U.S. medical community, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

The documentary “Cancer Can Be Killed” is currently available on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play and and the DVD can be purchased online at The film has been submitted to festivals around the world and recently was named official selections of the Depth of Field International Film Festival, Docs Without Borders Film Festival and  Sonoma International Film Festival. Witzeman was recently a featured panelist at a special Indie Film Showcase during the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

Passionate about getting the truth out to the public about alternative treatments, Witzeman is dedicated to sharing his findings. He recently unveiled a follow-up Web series and  has penned several articles to further the discussion. He is also planning his second feature on the topic.

Check out his videos by clicking here and here.

“I am passionate about this topic. My hope is to reach everyone living in America and around the world who must battle this terrible disease. On World Cancer Day and every day, it is my goal is to shed light on the truth and reality about the current situation about the treatment of cancer and offer alternative paths to recovery,” comments Witzeman.

Check out, trailer, Facebook and IMDB.


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