See Paris Chansons Live in Las Vegas on February 10!

Join Paris Chansons on Saturday, February 10 at 7:30 p.m. at the West Charleston Library Lecture Hall for an unforgettable night of French music with songs by Aznavour, Dassin, Piaf, Macias, Adamo and Vaya Con Dios, plus some of the most beloved classics in Russian and Italian.

Paris Chansons’ three multilingual singers bring an unparalleled diversity to their shows. Julia Kantor, originally from the Ukraine, lived and studied in France where she discovered in French music a soulful connection that influences her every performance.   Together with her husband, Jacob, a Russian-born singer/songwriter, they launched Paris Chansons. Rounding off the trio is Max Cohen, who grew up in Morocco where he was steeped in French music, particularly in the songs of Enrico Macias. Cohen’s rich, velvety tone delivers beautifully nuanced renditions of his favorites, complete with his signature North African lilt.

Superb musicianship anchors the ensemble, effortlessly moving from jazzy improvisation to slow-burning balladry to blistering gypsy fervor. All seasoned pros, the musicians include Endre Balogh on violin, Adam Cohen on upright bass, Jacob Kantor on guitar, Jeff Lams on piano and Sinclair Lott on drums.

Paris Chansons will take you on a musical journey without having to leave your seat, except of course to dance!  

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