Four Reasons Concrete Homes Are Show Stoppers in Las Vegas

People around the world often wonder why the U.S. doesn’t have more homes made of concrete. It is almost as if the country is stuck in the 18th century with homes made of plywood.

But all that is starting to change. Many future home owners and home builders are realizing both the environmentally-friendly benefits and modern design aesthetic than can make any concrete truly standout while minimizing a carbon footprint.

According to Houston Commercial Concrete, a concrete home can last for several generations and the cost to pour concrete is quite budget-friendly. So, do you want to leave a lasting legacy? Then consider building a concrete home.

The design possibilities are endless

When someone lives in the city of Las Vegas, and surrounding areas, it is critical it is to make a great first impression. This is the city that never sleeps, and it is a show town. It is vital to impress the residents in the silver state with a forward-thinking concrete home. The right ready-mix company to calculate the concrete vital is needed.

Then there is the design. Concrete can be used aesthetically and structurally to expand the boundaries of artistic design. Concrete helps people connect to earth while offering green-friendly benefits. For instance, a 15-inch thick concrete walls will decrease both heating and cooling costs. Include a solar concrete wall to absorb the sun’s heat during the cooler months for more savings.

Another way concrete can save money is by eliminating the need to paint. The look of concrete is quite modern, but it can also be mixed and adjusted to evoke a wide variety of colors and textures. Having an all-concrete home is truly impressive.

Eco-friendly at heart

With the savings in heating and cooling, it is worth the price of concrete per yard. Through green building, a sustainable concrete home can be constructed that will withstand the dry heat of Nevada summers and the crisp air of the cool winters.

Since people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, the builders make certain no one is inhaling volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be more toxic than outdoor air. In fact, indoor pollution can make people sick. During Nevada’s scorching hot summers, most have to stay indoors and no one wants to get ill because of toxic indoor air.

One of the most obvious offenders is carpet since it is difficult to clean and is a harbor for bacterial growth. A much healthier alternative is concrete floors because it is easy to clean and do not emit toxic VOCs. Plus, concrete floors do not support mold growth.

Then there is the kitchen. This is the place where the family gathers. The last thing anyone needs is for everyone to get sick around the kitchen island or the dinner table.

Many kitchen countertops that use quartz or engineered plastic require a synthetic resin binder. With concrete, it is an all-natural sand, rock and cement. With good design, it will be a sustainable, durable and long-lasting countertop.

Sustainable homes save money

The cost for a concrete home is about 2 to 4 percent higher than a wood-frame home. But, the durability and sustainability are worth it. Concrete lasts longer than wood and is easier to maintain. Plus, concrete can withstand natural disasters much better than wood.

Imagine a massive windstorm in Nevada–wouldn’t you rather live in a tough concrete home instead of a wood-framed home? Since concrete homes are durable, they cost less to insure. Plus, thick walls minimize heating and cooling costs.

It looks cool

Modern concrete homes just look so futuristic; it’s as if they all belong in an architectural design magazine. They don’t even have to be painted to evoke a contemporary look. With all the cookie-cutter homes cluttering the real estate market, it’s nice to have something different.

In conclusion

There isn’t any question that concrete homes just make sense for the Nevada desert. Put all that together with a beautiful design aesthetic and you are sure to have an award-winning home worthy of a serenade from Nick Jonas or any favorite singer.

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  1. I am interested to know when and how utilities are imbedded in the concrete. Also is this a product that can be used in 3-D printers.?

  2. I am interested and would like more information.

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