5 Swimsuit Trends to Watch in 2018

Winter is finally drawing to a close (unless you’re Australian, of course), which means it’s time to start thinking about your spring and summer fashion choices. Whether you’re a surfer chick looking for something to wear on the beaches, or a fitness fanatic looking for something to wear in the pool, these swimsuits will have you covered and mark you out as having excellent fashion sense.

These are the styles and designs which look set to dominate 2018, and perhaps even beyond!

Belted Swimsuits

Belts are being built into swimsuits, replacing or complimenting the usual elastic. These belts come in a variety of styles and materials, and with so many combinations around, you might have to try a few things out before you find the style that suits you best. One of the great things about having a belt on your swimsuit is that it makes it much easier to accessorize.

If your swimsuit is mostly going to be used on the beach, then keep your eyes peeled for shells and other surf-related accessories that you can customize with. If you’re going to be swimming recreationally in a pool, then there are a number of clip-on accessories. Just make sure that they are suitable! Any fashion accessories that aren’t designed for pool use could be hazardous to you, or to other swimmers.


Imagine a bathing suit which isn’t quite a one-piece, but not quite a bikini either. What you have is the tankini! There was a time when women weren’t allowed to wear a bikini but were just way too cool to don the one-piece. The tankini saved the day! They have made a comeback in recent years and the trend looks set to continue well into the future.

Tankinis are available in a number of different styles, with some of them incorporating the belt accessory. The tankini is both stylish and practical and there are suits to suit every size, shape, and taste. Also many stylish plus size tankinis are available.

Polka Dots

The polka dot is a classic style which has been incorporated into countless other fashion trends. Swimsuits are usually simple and plain. With bikinis and similar styles, there is only a small amount of material on which a pattern can be properly used. Because of this, even the simplest patterns and designs can make a huge difference to the impact that an ensemble has.

Polka dots always look great as part of spring and summer outfits, this makes it easy to match your swimsuit to your other clothes and have every piece compliment one another.


One of the more unexpected hits of 2017 was the use of velvet as a material. The luxurious look and texture of velvet have made it very popular in fashions and accessories of all kinds. Velvet is a very distinctive fabric and is much softer than most other swimsuit options. The term velvet doesn’t, in fact, refer to the material, which can vary, but instead refers to the weave that is used. Traditionally, velvet garments were made of silk, but this is rarer these days. More commonly, it is cotton or synthetics that are used.

Velvet is sought after due to its resilience and durability, as well as its unique texture and appearance. The precise characteristics will vary depending upon the material that is used, but no matter what the underlying material is, velvet will always have a distinctive appearance, which many find so alluring; it also retains its soft tactile properties.

Warm Tones

Warm colors always look good in spring and summer. You’ll probably be wearing them anyway, so you may as well incorporate them into your swimsuit. Warm shades will make you glow, they will remind onlookers, and yourself, of calming sunsets and evenings on the beach. Warm colors tend to compliment one another well, so if you like you can mix and match different outfits and styles – or you can go for something more simple and straightforward.


Personalization is a trend which is being seen in a number of industries. It is playing an increasing role in all types of fashion, including swimwear. Put simply, personalization allows the user to customize designs to suit their tastes.

These five trends are just some of the ones likely to see throughout this year. Fashion is unpredictable and some of the best trends may well be things that no one has thought of yet.

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