Biker Lifestyle: What You Need To Know About It

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride – John F. Kennedy

There is always something that we are addicted to, some people are bibliophile while others love to ride a bike. If you are a bike rider then you are aware of the pleasure you find in it. All you need is your favorite bike, a helmet, a genuine leather biker wallet, gloves and shoes, and you are ready to enjoy the ride.


In order to be a true biker, you need to get to know about the following.

Know How to Ride

This point is obvious but there are numerous bikers who don’t know how to ride a bike properly. It’s not only about buying your favorite bike. It’s great that you took classes to learn to ride a bike or asked your friend to help you learn. However, just like other things bike riding also needs practice. Don’t only spend money on a bike but make it worth buying, too. Spend some time practicing, find a curvy road, and beat your fear. This is how you can do better.

Know How to fix

It’s not only about learning to ride a bike, it’s about knowing to fix it, too. Be a good observer and observe your bike and its parts. If your butt hurts while you sit on the bike, consider changing the seat, check windshield whether it needs to be lowered or raised or locate the handlebars. In short, make sure that you are comfortable with your bike and if you are not, consider fixing it.

Welcome the Road Freedom

Living the biker lifestyle means not being afraid of the road freedom. Welcome the change and always be ready to travel from place to place. You need to trust your two wheels and the freedom that a road offers. You will often yourself on road trips and you will love your life.

Bike for Life

There are many bikers who ride bikes to make life worth living. These are the people who always use bikes as their means of transportation. Whether the sun is gazing at them or the rain is pouring down, they will always rely on two-wheels. If you want to have a biker lifestyle, make your bike your friend so you can enjoy the ride wherever you go.

You Ride Your Bike

Being a bike rider means you don’t ask others to let you ride his or her bike nor do you want anyone to ride your bike. Everyone is possessive about the things they love so that’s okay to never let anyone ride your bike. There are three things bikers don’t like to share – bikes, cigar, and women. Don’t feel bad about not sharing your bike with anyone.  

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