4 Tips to Keep Your Credit Information Secured

Keeping your credit secured is far more important than maintaining a good credit score. The fact is, a good score won’t benefit you unless your finances are properly secured. Therefore you need to take proper steps to assure your credit and information is perfectly safe.

Here are some strategies you can implement to safe keep your finances and keep them from falling into the wrong hands.  

Practice Patience with Chip Card Readers

It hasn’t been long since chip-enabled payment terminals were introduced. But let’s get real, only a small percentage of retailers are entertaining this payment option. The transition can be slow and frustrating for most people, and that’s why most people stick with magnetic stripe cards.

However, initial research shows that chip cards will get popular with themainstream user, but it will take some time. The fact is, chip-based cards offer better protection against theft, and credit fraud. These cards secure your confidential info better.

Check Credit Card Statements

Even if you take precaution like avoid using your card too much in public places, you are still at risk. Therefore you better check your monthly statements and start looking at your credit reports on regular terms. The statement clearly states any signs of fraud like unusual charges or surprising purchases.

In case you find such thing, you need to contact your credit company at the moment. These reports show if someone has used your info to pen new account using your name. If you find another account linked to your name that you had nothing to do with, you better contact the creditor.

You should know, the credit companies are obliged to offer you a free of cost credit report at least once a year. This report can provide some real insight.


You have to check your credit account regularly. You can step up preventive measures if you automate fraud detection. Yes, you can set up amobile alert to notify you of any surprising development right at the moment. You should set a mobile alert for the following:

  • Nearing Credit Limit
  • Detection of unusual activity like new spending pattern, transaction or new location
  • When a card has been used and exceeds the set budget for a single use

Freeze Credit

Countries with EMV credit card have established great control over credit fraud. However, credit application fraud is on the rise. Chip cards have helped to protect people against such attacks.  Still, online thieves are searching for new ways to obtain personal information about clients

The only way to detect and control damage is keeping track of your credit reports on a regular basis. The soon you identify a fraud, the less damage you will face.

The best way to prevent more damage is freezing credit. When you issue a security freeze, it signals the credit bureaus you don’t want anyone to look at your credit file.

The catch is, Small Business Credit Cards don’t open accounts without first checking your credit. So this will help you prevent application fraud.


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