Heidi Harris celebrates launch of new book while still speaking her truth (out loud)

Heidi Harris

Heidi Harris has always been true to herself. The fact that she is intelligent, beautiful and talented has helped at times and been a hindrance at other times. Since the last radio network to broadcast her wildly popular show tried to silence her, Harris continues to share her truth via podcasts and print. As Harris spreads her words, a luncheon featuring her as a speaker with her latest book release available for purchase will be held at Gordon Biersch on April 5.

Don’t Pat Me on the Head: Blowback, Setbacks & Comebacks in Vegas Radio” chronicles her 19-year career in talk radio and 15 years as a cable television pundit. But it is more than memoir. Along with her own story, Harris strives to help others who want to break into radio in 2018 and beyond.

Partly autobiographical, she describes what it took to get there, what it took to survive in the business for so long and how she weathered the inevitable blowback and setbacks she faced in a career based on her opinion. There are great behind-the-scenes stories, tips on picking topics and guests, and lessons learned along the way.

But ultimately, Harris wants to share with the readers that being true to yourself and your values is always worth any cost. One can always reinvent themselves professionally. But building character and standing up for beliefs will keep anyone strong despite any challenges.

About one year ago, when Harris was asked how she got into the business, she didn’t have a canned answer. She decided it was time to write her second book about it. “It has been a such a fortuitous route. But this is true of anyone who has worked in any profession. It is not a straight road,” she explained to LVInformer.com. “The things I did before I got into radio helped me with my broadcast career. I had to be tough, take the flake when I spoke my opinion and I had experience other than being a talk show host.”

While she does touch on her childhood; the main reason she wrote the book was “to give the people the understanding of how I will not tolerate anyone being condescending to me. You can scream at me, cuss me out but do not talk down to me.”

Harris does mention personalities and stories, some to entertain, but it is not a tell-all. She writes about one crazy boss of hers and certainly most everyone has had to deal with one of those. But Harris writes it from a point of view to share, teach and learn. She comes from humor but also stands behind every word she speaks or writes.

A native of Las Vegas and former professional singer and HR recruiter, she began her radio career in 1998. Harris was a two-time winner of the Electronic Media Award for Best Local Radio Talk Show and has won a number of other awards. Harris has appeared hundreds of times as a commentator on cable news channels, including MSNBC, CNN, TruTV and the Fox News Channel.

Vegas Does Business and Las Vegas Professionals hosts a series of luncheons showcasing people of the community along with networking. Heidi Harris will be the special guest on Thursday, April 5 with a presentation of her new book, “Don’t Pat Me on the Head: Blowback, Setbacks & Comebacks in Vegas Radio.” Ticket price is $26 and that includes lunch. Books are available for purchase at an additional cost. RSVP by March 20 by calling 702-393-7402 or emailing info@vegadoesbiz.com.


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