By Michael Gallegos Borresen

We have all had someone ask us, “So, how is life treating you?” It is not how life is treating me but instead of how I am treating my life.

First of all, am I living my life the way that I want to live it based on my own personal beliefs? Am I making my own choices and decisions? Am I following my own program or the program of someone else? Many of us need to reprogram ourselves from the mental tapes that we were programmed with during our growing up process from toddler to adult.

Is my behavior self-enhancing behavior or self-destructive behavior? In other words, is my behavior being productive or non-productive. When it comes to taking action for myself, am I being proactive or a procrastinator.

My body is the temple that I live in so I need to take care of it and keep it healthy. I have to give good nutrition to my body and to my cells so that my body can continue to function in a healthy way. This means taking action to educate myself about healthy nutrition.

Am I socializing or isolating? There is a major difference between being a spectator in life or a participant in life. I don’t want to be the caterpillar stuck in the cocoon. Life is a lot more fun surrounding myself around good people and becoming a social butterfly.

When it comes to managing my finances, am I a spender or a saver. Do I budget my money wisely or do I just spend money irresponsibly. Do I work hard at getting myself in financial debt or do I work at staying out of debt. What is my personal relationship with money?

Sometimes I think too much. The committee in my head wants to have meetings and the thoughts can go wild. I need to tell the committee to go to lunch and fill the hour with meditation. We can also call this the monkey mind. Alcohol or some other drug can quiet the monkey mind but I have learned that it is better to meditate than medicate.

Are my thoughts in control of me or am I in control of my thoughts? Managing my state of mind is very important. I can have a beautiful state of mind or a confused state of mind. It is my choice to have my consciousness experiencing the present moment and not be in the past or future. I also enjoy having happy thoughts.

It is not how life is treating me but instead of how I am treating my life.

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