6 Things to Do After Being Involved in a Car Accident

Car accidents are unfortunately very common, and although the possibility of being in an accident is something no one wants to think about, there are still some things you should know. Many car accidents are only minor, and often minimal damage is sustained, but sometimes collisions can be more extreme. In any event, no matter the outcome of a car accident, these situations should still be taken seriously, and handled with care. If you are wondering what you should do in the event of an accident, in order to both keep yourself safe and act in your best interests legally, here are a few examples of steps you should follow.

Stop and preserve the scene

There can be a temptation to just walk away from the scene of an accident if you are in a rush to be somewhere, but even minor accidents should be taken seriously. You should try and protect the scene, and avoid any future accidents occurring as a result of your cars causing a hazard, by putting your flashers on. In case of an emergency it may be worth keeping some emergency items in your car. Keeping a high visibility jacket in the trunk of your car, as at night passers-by might not be able to see you well.

Call the emergency services

It may seem unnecessary, but it might be worth calling the authorities to make an official record that the accident has taken place. You should definitely call the authorities if someone else may have caused the accident due to gross or culpable negligence such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Depending on your insurance company, and the severity of any future compensation claims, a police report might be required. If anyone has been injured as a result of the accident, then you should call an ambulance, as back, neck and head injuries can be worsened by moving.

Record the scene

You should try and get a record of everything you remember from the accident as soon as possible, while the details are still fresh in your mind. If you can, take pictures of the accident, any and all damage to the vehicles involved, and also of any visible injuries which were sustained as a result.

Take the other person’s information

If the police do not attend the scene of the accident, then you need to obtain the details of the other drivers who were involved. This should include their name, address, contact details, and also the details of their insurance company. You may also want to get some contact details for any passengers involved in the accident as well.

Seek legal advice

If you are involved in an accident, then you need to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. Profession injury lawyers, such as colleylaw.net, will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take, as well as advise you on your rights and help you conserve any evidence. Your attorney can also advise you before you give a statement to your insurance company.

Keep your records safe

Finally, you should keep all of your documents and legal records regarding your accident in a safe place, and store them all together in a folder. You should also keep a note of any relevant contact details with the rest of your information, as well as a log of expenses which have occurred as a result of the accident, such as medical fees or car repair invoices.


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