4 Top Tips for Keeping Your Food Fresh and Safe This Summer

Summer is the time of year that everybody looks forward to the most, whether it be to enjoy the scorching weather or all the festivities that come with it. It is a time of year when barbeques are in full swing, and garden parties are popular, making it likely that your food will be out in the heat at some point. Unfortunately, in such heat, food struggles to stay fresh, and therefore safe, if you are not storing it correctly. To make sure you and your summer guests avoid any contamination issues, follow these crucial food safety tips to keep your food fresh.

Invest in a sizeable cooler box

There will be times when you must take fresh produce outside, either on picnics or round to someone else’s gathering. In this case, you can’t take your food over without keeping it cool. Having a cooler box is like having a mini-fridge if you have the right ice packs inside it to keep it cold. This means that your food, fresh or cooked, will be kept protected from harsh, hot outside conditions. When you are looking at which handy equipment to buy, make sure you look at recommended ice packs for coolers to ensure you are getting the coldest temperatures in your cooler box for longer.

Keep meat and vegetables separate

This is a rule that should be adhered to throughout the year, but which is even more important to follow in summer, due to the heat having a larger effect on the problems that can occur with uncooked meat. If you can, cook your meat and thoroughly chill it first to keep it safer, but if you really must store uncooked meat and other foods in the same compartment, you should always keep them separated.

Wrap foods up tightly

Keeping such foods separate is important, but one extra precaution to follow is making sure any meat is wrapped up tightly. This will stop any juices from dripping out of it and onto other foods, which is more likely to happen in hotter months. Not only this, but wrapping your food in the right materials will also ensure it is less affected by the heat outside. Once you have wrapped it, you can also consider putting food inside small Tupperware boxes to make it easier to store inside your cooler or fridge.

Don’t let food sit in the heat

At barbecues, food is often left out for everybody to come and take from as the rest is cooking. Yet, this also goes for the uncooked meat which is waiting to be cooked. If it has been out in the heat for too long, it can start to be a hotbed for germs and bacteria, to make sure you keep a small cooler by your feet if you are barbequing to keep it cold until it hits the grill. With vegetables, they can wilt a lot in hot conditions, making their taste not as good as when they are crisp. There may not be enough space in your cooler, so store salads and fresh vegetables in the fridge for as long as possible before bringing them out to be served.

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