7 Kinds of Storefront Signs that Can Generate Extra Business

Drawing attention to a new storefront can be extremely difficult in the early stages, especially if you’re located in an area that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. Even if your shop is located on a busy strip, standing out from the crowd of other nearby businesses is also a challenge. While offsite and external advertising methods such as TV, radio, and internet marketing are all worthwhile, many startups overlook the importance of branding and visibility at their actual place of business. There are many kinds of signs that can be used to make your storefront more appealing, but some are more effective than others. With that being said, here are the top seven kinds of signage that all storefronts should consider before their grand opening.



Flags are some of the best signs to have in front of a store because they move around a lot with the wind and the movement attracts attention. Plus, you have the option of letting the sign flap in the wind or tying it down so that the imagery and letters are more legible and clear. Ideally, it’s best to have several flags, so you can leave some flapping while others are stationary and easier to understand. The good news is that it’s very easy to find cheap flags in bulk, so it’s not that expensive to line your storefront with attention-grabbing banners. Some stores even hire a flag waver to stand outside and move around or dance with their flag in their hand in order to draw attention to a current or upcoming promotion.



Posters offer the appeal of having higher quality imagery on your signs, as most posters contain high definition backgrounds. This kind of signage is also good for local promotions or posting store times and upcoming events. Of course, an extra benefit is that posters are very affordable and can even be printed independently in-house. Plus, they’re usually some of the more visually stunning signage types, although larger posters will need to be printed by a poster making service. Marketing research has shown that posters are some of the catchiest kinds of signage because they tend to intrigue the eye enough to attract glances from people passying by.

Engraved Plywood


Wood signs give a nice rustic appeal and are more suited to long-term usage, such as the name and logo of your shop. Of course, a robust wood sign will almost always outlast a paper or fabric sign, which is why these are usually used as permanent fixtures to the storefront rather than temporary promotional signs.  Furthermore, despite their durability and appeal, a simple yet effective 5-foot-by-5-foot wood sign can be purchased for about $100, so it’s definitely a worthy long-term investment for a burgeoning business.



Any store that stays open for more than an hour after sunset should consider the benefits of having an illuminated sign hanging above the door and/or in the window. You can buy these premade or you can make one on a DIY basis by simply placing a light within a metal framed box and then covering it with a stenciled piece of fabric, wood, metal, or paper. Despite their flashy appearance, lightboxes are relatively inexpensive to build or buy. Adding multi-colored lights that match the theme of your store design and/or company logo is a good way to make your storefront easy to find for customers who are driving down the road actively looking for your location.

Painted Glass


These signs are usually a bit more expensive then the abovementioned options on this list, with costs ranging from a couple hundred up to a few thousand dollars, depending on the quality of the materials used and the kinds of designs incorporated. They’re excellent decorations that can add a degree of classiness, but since the sun’s glare can reduce the visibility of this kind of signage from the street, they’re not necessarily the best standalone option for attracting attention. Still, they do provide the benefit of catching the eye of pedestrians walking by on the sidewalk.

Metal Lettering and Logos


Much like wood signage, metal lettering and logos are ideal for long-term usage as a fixed part of a storefront. Despite their elegant look they’re actually quite affordable, with options normally starting around $200. However, it may be worthwhile to pay a few hundred more to have the sign well-lit, particularly if your store is open at night, as this kind of sign loses much of its visibility in low lighting conditions. Even if you close early, having the sign lit up at night helps to draw attention to your store from people who might then be interested in stopping by the next day when you’re open.

Awning Signs


This is a very popular option for storefronts that are located on main streets where there are lots of other shops crammed side-by-side, as it helps to differentiate your store from the next. Plus, for businesses that operate in rainy climates, there is the added perk of having a place for your customers and/or your staff to stand on rainy days while they wait for a cab or their ride outside – thereby preventing them from having to stand around inside the store, which could become unpleasant if the shop is crowded.

Measuring the Difference that Signs Make


You might be asking yourself “Is a sign really going to bring more people into my shop?” Well, according to countless marketing studies that have examined the before and after effects of using signage, the answer is a resounding yes – signs can and do attract customers who would otherwise pass your shop without even noticing it. In fact, some storefronts have seen sales increases of 30 percent or more just by strategically placing vibrant signs to bring new prospects through the door. Thus, it makes sense for all new storefronts to allocate a portion of their budget to obtaining and setting up optimal signage.

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