Top 4 Highest Paying Sectors In 2018

Are you at school or university and trying to plan your study options? Perhaps you’re underwhelmed by your current industry and want to migrate to one more that pays more? For those chasing the money, here are four industries that you should set your sights on.


The healthcare industry has some of the highest paying positions of all and that is not just doctors. Radiologists, medical researchers, and even nurses can acquire six-figure salaries.

The variety of different positions in the healthcare sector means that there are opportunities for all types. If you’re a people person, then there are many jobs where you will have direct contact with patients. Others who don’t want to deal with patients directly will also find a range of administration and clerical options. Don’t forget about lab work (there are often many positions available for science-savvy graduates).

Have a look at a Health Care Salaries Guide to find out more.


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and IT workers are crucial to help businesses stay up to date.

These professionals work to transform data in a variety of ways. Positions can involve databasing, developing websites, upgrading computer software, setting up servers, and much more.

While these positions may require extensive training, they often pay very handsomely.


The engineering sector is extremely broad and is home to a range of different positions. Professional engineers may work in construction, manufacturing, or tech companies. Their goal is to design and build new infrastructure and technology.

Some engineers may find themselves hands-on in the workshop or oversee a construction site. Some may never leave the office and simply do all their work on a computer. Others may experience a mixture of both.

Now becoming an engineer isn’t easy. You will typically have to study for four years or more. Much of that time will involve studying tough math and science subjects.

Pay will vary, but this is another industry where you can expect six-figure salaries.


If you want to find a well-paid job, then consider going directly to where the money is kept. The banking industry employes a range of financial professionals to help run its operations.

Analysts and auditors work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. These positions may pay $50,000 to $80,000.

Those truly seeking the money should consider becoming a wealth manager or investment banker. Wealth managers simply do as their title suggests: manage other people’s money. They are paid well for doing so.

Investment bankers help banks increase their profits by sourcing new investment opportunities. These positions may involve high levels of reasonably as well as some of the highest salaries in the industry.


Remember if you don’t have skills then your pay will likely be low, regardless of your industry. These sectors have such well-paying opportunities because they typically require qualified workers with specialized skill sets. If you want the money, then you’re going to have to study hard to get it.


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