Why an Online Degree is The Best Choice for A Police Officer

If you are wanting to further your career and your education as a police officer, it can be incredibly hard due to rotating shifts and the demands that the job can bring. This is a 24/7 career. Fitting in time to attend classes around shifts can be too stressful and, therefore, it may be beneficial to study for a degree online. If you are a police officer with at least one year of professional experience working in the field of law enforcement, you can further your education with a BA in policing, all while continuing to work – or even in retirement.


What any working police officer needs when carrying out an activity outside of work is flexibility, and no more so where their education is concerned. Studying online gives you complete flexibility on when you can complete work and hand it in; all you need is access to the internet and a computer or laptop. This means you could set aside some time on your day off, do half an hour before bed, or however else you want to fit around your schedule and ensure you still hand in work on time. An online degree never sleeps, meaning if you are more of a night owl, you can watch lectures at 4 a.m. as they will be accessible at all times.

As long as you plan around your shifts and social life, you will be able to complete your degree with ease. Even on annual leave weeks or when you are on vacation, you will be able to find time to squeeze in an hour or two at a local café to work on your degree. You will have earned a degree without even realizing the hours you have put in. Whether you like to do big chunks in one go, or you prefer to sit down and take in little snippets of information at a time, your online degree will be there for whenever you want to complete it.

Cheaper Alternative

If you wish to gain a further degree, studying online is a cheaper alternative to going back to school or university. Not only can you carry on working full-time when you study online, meaning you won’t lose out on your wage, but online degrees are generally cheaper. With many online policing degrees, you can transfer credits, which saves both money and time, so enroll today to begin to further your police education and get closer to that promotion.

Studying online also means no transport costs to and from your chosen school and you will not have to work less to fit time in to study. Studying from home can save you money in many unexpected ways, including all the food and coffees you would purchase over the time studying your course in a school setting. One or two weekly coffees can add up to a lot more than you think in the space of three years.

Apply Your Knowledge to Work

When studying an online degree, you can apply what you have learned to your everyday role as a police officer. There are many benefits to learning whilst working, as you are getting real-life experiences that you can match to what you are learning, giving you a greater understanding and providing you with a way to hone your skills. You will also give your organizational skills a boost. Studying whilst working and juggling home life can be difficult, so this will increase your organization levels to an all-time high. The average degree takes around three to four years to complete and, during this time, you will have gained years of experience working whilst still improving your knowledge and understanding of your role, meaning you will be better educated than your peers who have not completed an honors program. Understanding the theory behind what you do is just as important as carrying out the role. If you are retired, you may be thinking of getting back into the police force, but you do not have the confidence.

Completing a policing degree could get you back in the mindset and help you get back out into the field, whether in your previous role or in a new role. You may want to take a degree just to learn more about your passion. If you are truly passionate about what you do, understanding as much as you can about policing can help you be even better at your job and can be used as a great reflection tool.

Improve Your Potential Earning

An online degree in policing can further your career, leading you towards more professional roles that involve leadership skills. This could be extremely beneficial for those who have been in the police force for many years and the long hours and shift work are getting too much, or they are ready for a change. If you are interested in leadership and are good at managing a team, completing a BA in Policing can open the door to many careers for you, with great earning opportunities. This includes Police Chief and Probation Officer. Depending on how many years you have been working in the police force and what skills you have will determine what role you go into next. You may want to earn your degree and wait a few years before jumping into a new career if you are still unsure. You can never have enough experience and the more you have, the more confidence you will feel in a new role.

Policing is tough work and taking on a degree whilst working is even tougher. Employers both past and present will understand this, and having a degree behind you can get you ahead of the game for future roles, especially if you wish to move police forces. It is never too late to expand your knowledge in your chosen field, whether you have worked in the police force for one year or twenty, there is always something to be gained by furthering your education.


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