‘Ronnie Brixton – The Best of British Boxing’ debuts in Las Vegas

By Debbie Hall
Photography by Asia Smith

“Ronnie Brixton – The Best of British Boxing” uses the backdrop of pugilism as one man’s journey to the moment of truth. The one-man show exploring the very depths of human emotion will be performed at The Back Space in The Space LV May 2-13.

The lead character, renowned BBC boxing commentator Ronnie Brixton grows up in the shadow of his father, revered boxing trainer “King George.” Brixton disappoints his father first as a child, then as a young man, that he will never become a boxer.

But Brixton loves the sport and becomes a top commentator. While the performance includes film footage of top boxing matches, he delves under the surface of his own life and struggles. In fact, Brixton is “interrupted” by voices off stage and, so distracted, he requires prompting to continue his dialog.

Since the tabloids in the United Kingdom are relentless and Brixton is a well-known celebrity, he decides to address the rumors about his love life. As he unequivocally states, “I am not gay,” but still so much more lurks in the dark.

The last act stuns as he finally expresses the truth, which almost took his life by suicide as Brixton stands up as an authentic person.

David Shaughnessy stars as Ronnie Brixton with his return the acting. He is known as the voice of Sir Didymus in the Jim Henson classic film “The Labyrinth.” Shaughnessy transitioned into an Emmy Award-winning television director as well as directing live theater.

Written by Byron Tidwell and the late Lincoln Hudson, the role was to be originated by Hudson but after his untimely death two weeks into rehearsal, Shaughnessy was eventually approached to consider performing the lead. He accepted even though he had not acted for 35 years.

He trained as an actor and performed with the Old Vic Theatre Company for years. When he moved to the United States, Shaughnessy shifted his career to behind the camera as a director. In 1991 he joined the No. 1 rated daytime drama, “The Young & The Restless,” as producer and director. He was with the show from 1991 to 2003. While with the “The Young & Restless,” he won two Emmy Awards for Best Daytime Drama in 1991 and 2003. He also won Two Nancy Susan Reynolds Awards, a TV Cares Ribbon of Hope Award and a People’s Choice Award.

Las Vegas is a big fight town, which is why the city was selected to debut the show. “Ronnie Brixton – The Best of British Boxing” will perform in The Back Space in The Space LV May 2-13. Click here for tickets, times and dates.



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