Exercises To Improve Your Performance On The Golf Course

Whether playing just for leisure or competitively, a good swing on the course lifts up your spirits. You want to do well and keep improving your performance on the golf course. To do this, you have to incorporate exercises that will help achieve your goal.

Good exercises should target the muscles that are put to use when taking a swing. Strong wrists and a strong forearm, improved rotation and a strong back can unlock the key to a breathtaking swing. It is however important to not just add new exercises to your daily routine. They can do more harm than good. Incorporate the new exercise gradually, and if necessary, consult your physician before going into a new routine.

Here are some exercises to help improve golf swing;

Backswing Exercise

Doing exercises that mimic the golf swing movement helps a lot. One of these exercises is the backswing exercise using the dumbbell.

The benefit of using the dumbbell to do the backswing exercise is that it gives you powerful swings. The weight depends on your strength and fitness. It is, however, advisable to start with 5 pounds and increase the dumbbell weight over time.

Exercise instructions;

Assume the golf posture while holding the dumbbell with your strong arm

Pay a lot of attention to form. Your arms should hang naturally as if you are holding a club.

With that posture, swing your arms across your chest into a half swing position. Be careful not to swing the weights as this may cause injury.

Do 12 reps, for three sets.

This is a simple exercise to get you started. For a more comprehensive guide to improving your swing, look on the internet and simply view website options to help you.

Weight shift exercise

Apart from arm strength, you also need a good weight shift and hip rotation for a good swing.

Fitness bands are used to strengthen hips. Stand on a resistance band with your feet apart and pull on each end until it is taut. Shift your weight to the right while lifting the left leg out to the side as high as possible. Repeat 12 times in sets of three.

Clubhead speed exercise

This exercise is designed to improve your longer driving distance performance and develop your stability while increasing your swinging power. The goal of this exercise is to get you to make as many three-quarter swings as you can within a set time.

Exercise instructions;

  • Hold the medicine ball in front of your body as you would a gold club.
  • Rock your shoulders slowly back and forth like you are swinging the club.
  • Keep the shoulder-arm-hands triangle connected.
  • Increase range till the shoulders are at 90 degrees.

Lower back exercise

This exercise regime helps to strengthen a golfer’s lower back in order to avoid injury and improve their game.

Lie on your left side with the hip on the floor, bending both knees at 90 degrees and the right knee on top of the left one. Extend your arms straight out from the shoulders with your hands clasped together and the left arm resting on the floor. Then slowly raise your right arm and rotate it until it is resting on the floor. Hold the position for 30 seconds then repeat while lying on the right side.

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