How to Arrive in Vegas in Style

Las Vegas can boast a unique and wonderful reputation around the world for displaying some of the most exciting excesses of modern life alongside incredible hotels, wonderful attractions and a peaceful, expansive desert landscape inside which is an oasis of activity and fun. For many, it provides businesspeople and holidaymakers with a taste of the Hollywood idea of Vegas and, if youre one of those people, here are some of the best ways to arrive in Vegas so that you start as you mean to go on: with style.

Extravagant Limousine

The problem with opting for an elongated limo in Vegas is that youll blend right in; theyre forever cruising around the hotspots of the city as hire-per-hour vehicles that anyone can take. To stand out from the crowd as you unload yourself and your party on the red carpet or the front step of an opulent hotel, youll need to find something that breaks the mold,  like a self-driving wonder, or something with an interior so sumptuously decorated and wonderfully stocked that youll spend half the evening inside, sipping champagne and laughing with friends.


Yes, there are frequent helicopter arrivals in Las Vegas too, but only the most exciting of guests may land in the city center where some hotels are in possession of rooftop helipads. Even if you land in the airport, though, arriving via helicopter is perhaps one of the coolest was to enter the city and, if you manage to arrive by night, youll have a uniquely bewitching view of the myriad and colorful lights that make up the central strip of the city, descending vertically into the belly of one of worlds most-documented desert metropolis.

Fly Yourself

This one comes in two parts but is ultimately the most impressive and stylish way to enter the dearest oasis, and thats to fly yourself in. Initially, youll need to learn how to fly, and that involves getting a license from your local flight school. There, youll notch up a number of hours in the air alongside getting some of the basic and fundamental theory under your belt, especially the tips thatll keep you safe, such as the decide process for quick thinking under pressurized situations. Being diligent in your learning and sensible in the air will get you quickly qualified.

Then, once youve got your license, youll need to find a way to rent a plane and fly it into a Vegas airstrip. Youll need to talk with air traffic control and show them your flight plan before your trip is given the go-ahead, and youll need to know how long youre planning on touching down in Las Vegas so that youre able to fly back with no hassle too. But once its all planned, youll be able to cruise into this city of dreams in a light aircraft in whats surely the most stylish entry into Vegas that money and practice can buy.

To set the tone for your trip to and stay in Vegas, find your way to arrive in style to this desert oasis of fun and opportunity.


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