How to find creativity

The use of imagination manifests itself in creativity. Creativity can be found in many different places, all of which require you to be doing something. Sitting in a white room while staring at blank walls will not inspire your creative mind. Chances are, it will do quite the opposite. So, where is creativity found?

Certain activities and events can inspire your creative mind. It could include going to the movies, visiting an art gallery, seeing a play, or even walking down the street. Creativity can be found in many forms of entertainment, and it can inspire you in many ways. It can inspire you at work, to write, paint, photograph, pick up a new activity and so on. Quite simply, creativity makes life more interesting.


Movies are a large source of creativity. Every week you know someone that is going to the movies (if it’s not you!). They are incredibly valued in our culture, and certain movies will inspire you. Think about when Pixar’s Brave and Hunger Games were out in theatres. The prevalence of archery in these movies would have inspired kids (and adults) to pick up the sport. Similarly, the movie Eat Pray Love inspired others that it’s never too late just to pack up and find yourself out in the wide world. Movies are powerful sources of inspiration and creativity. They can affect anything from certain life choices you make, to even picking up a certain style because your favorite movie character embodies it.


While sitting in an empty room will not inspire you, walking through a gallery filled with photographs and paintings will. The slightest color choice or painting can inspire you in some way, and it is even said that art can inspire you at the office. The Journal of Business Research found that those open to aesthetic experiences felt more inspired in their day-to-day life.

Dramatic Arts

The same way viewing art can inspire people; so can watching a play at the theatre. Whether you’re traveling or have a local theater in your area, such as the Broadway in Jacksonville, the dramatic arts will inspire your inner creative. The dramatic arts have been a popular source of entertainment for decades, and they have not lost their charm even in the 21st Century.

Walk down the street

If the sources above are not your cup of tea or your budget is restricted, simply walk down the street. Step outside your home and go into a new environment. It could even simply include working in a coffee shop for a while (or merely sitting there). New environments can broaden your mind and thus inspire you. Even stepping outside of your work office for a few minutes will do wonders for you when you step back.

Looking for creativity means not falling into a routine. Inspiration can hit you at any time, but it requires you to walk outside, experience new events and try new activities. Entertainment plays a large role in fuelling the imagination.  Even if it’s not a weekly ritual, you should go to the movies or watch a play at least once. Plus, watching the latest movies will also allow you to have an idea of what the popular new trends are.

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