Know all about e juice and its ingredients

Have you ever heard the term e juice or vape juice? If not, here is a guide that will help you in giving all your answers to the questions. You will easily come to know what is e juice and why is it so popular. It is a personal vaporizer and becoming a great part of vaping around the world.

Various names are being given to these e juices like vape juice, e-liquid and many more. These are the names that can be used interchangeably. E juice is basically the fluid that is being used to vaporize and create vapors. These are the e juices that are being available to the people in many flavors. The level of nicotine is zero and there are options also available.

The e juice is made of propylene glycol, food flavoring water, and vegetable glycerin with and without nicotine. The grade of food that is being used for the flavoring is the same as that of the product that is being used in the product. Vegetable glycerin and propylene are being used so that it can help in equal distribution of flavor in the liquid. E juice, the fluid that is being used in vaporizer and electric cigarette, creates actual vapors. 

The heat that is being produced by these e juices is between 200 to 400 degrees.  The Fahrenheit is being turned into a vapor that is being inhaled by the person. This is quite safe for you to inhale and is delicious as well. Propylene glycol is used for the flavorings that used for the distribution of the taste and maintain the flavor of the liquid throughout the liquid. Not only this, it is being used in various medicines, vanilla extracts and in food coloring as well.

There is a presence of vegetable glycerin that is thick and sweet and is vegetable based. 90 percent of the content of these e juices is being made with VG and PG and 10 percent is being made with food grade and nicotine.

PG liquid is thinner than VG because it is thin it becomes easy for the wax and cotton on the atomizer so that it can absorb the liquid easily. As it is thin in consistency there is less residue. Therefore one can have a great and clean vaping experience.

PG juice and VG juice has no flavor that means that there is no impact on the overall flavor of e juice. They are far better than smoking a cigarette which is why so many love to use this e juice.


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