5 Excellent Alternative Vacation Destinations in 2018

Deciding on a vacation destination can be difficult when there are so many incredible countries to see and how reaching these places is so easy and fast in 2018. There are choices like England, Italy, China and Australia, but there are also a host of other great places to visit which are a good alternative and well-suited to those that don’t like to follow the crowd and instead want to see some of the lesser traveled areas. With this in mind, here are a few alternative destinations that provide you with an incredible vacation with plenty to see and do during your trip.


Mexico is a wonderful country with an intriguing history, rich culture, beautiful landscapes and friendly locals. This makes it an ideal place for a fun holiday with all kinds of things to see and do throughout the country. One particular highlight is the port city of Veracruz, which is one of the oldest and largest ports in Mexico founded by Spanish settlers in the 16th century. You can find affordable hotels in the area at viajacompara.com.


Chile is a unique destination because it has such varied and beautiful geography. Stretching along the Western edge and separated from the rest of the continent by the soaring Andes mountains, Chile features the arid Atacama Desert to the north and verdant rainforests, volcanoes and even fjords and inlets to the south. This makes it a great place for adventure, plus it is also one of the more advanced and prosperous nations in South America so it can be easy to travel through too.

New Zealand

Countries to do not come more beautiful than New Zealand. Here you will find soaring volcanoes, dramatic coastlines, rolling pastures, glaciers and everything in between. This makes New Zealand an adventure playground for those that enjoy outdoor pursuits, plus it is also home to fascinating and dynamic Māori culture just waiting to be discovered.


A charming archipelago found in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. It has intriguing culture and history thanks to the wide range of rulers, so you can expect to find plenty of striking temples and ruins, but it is also the perfect places for a relaxing holiday thanks to the gorgeous climate, alluring beaches, warm waters and relaxed way of life.


This striking country in Scandinavia is known for its remarkable coastal fjords, huge mountains, glaciers and snowy landscape. It is a great place for skiing, hiking, and fishing, but there are also a handful of cozy villages and cities that will reveal the unique culture here. This is also one of the best places on the planet to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking Northern Lights.

These five fantastic countries are terrific places to visit in 2018 and are great alternatives to a few of the more popular holiday destinations. They all combine great natural beauty along with intriguing cultures and histories along with friendly locals – these are the perfect ingredients for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and will show you some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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