Jay White is America’s Diamond

Written and photography by Nikki Artale

Jay White took the stage at the Suncoast Hotel Casino in Las Vegas Nevada on May 13 to the delight of his many fans and friends. As always Jay White mesmerized the crowd with his electrifying and incredible performance and tribute to Neil Diamond. 


It was exciting to see percussionist King Errisson who has been performing in the Neil Diamond band for over 40 years and still playing for Jay White all these years.  As a session musician King has also worked with many famous artists, recorded many albums and CD’s and recently published his autobiography “My Life, My Loves”. He demonstrates how it is good to be King as he lives his dream.

King Errisson and Nikki Artale

One of the high lights of the show was singing with his daughter whose voice sounded like an angel. Jay’s talent has passed onto both his daughter Stephanie and his son Neil White who plays the guitar in the show. It is a fabulous show. 

Jay delivers an amazing and exciting performance as he travels nationwide and around the world. He has the look, the sound, the feel and the heart of Neil Diamond who told him many years ago to keep singing so he can stay home and relax. We love you, Jay White.

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  1. Everything Jay does is AWESOME! His daughter, Stephanie has a fantastic voice too! From performing as an entertainer (Neil Diamond) or on the ice as a goalie, everything Jay does is done to perfection. WOW, way to go Jay!!!

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