Cox Las Vegas demonstrates the future is here with Smart Homes in Smart Communities

Written By Debbie Hall
Photography by Mona Shield Payne Photography

Whether a senior, baby boomer, Gen Y, Gen X, millennial or Gen Z; Cox Las Vegas has brought the future to the present with its Smart Home “Connected Independence.”

Teaming up with Los Angeles-based homebuilder KB Home, over 50 smart devices were installed in a single-story model home at the Desert Mesa community under development in North Las Vegas. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 120 million Americans will be 65 or older by 2020. The AARP reports that 90 percent want to remain in their own home. Cox technologies and growing remote health monitoring capabilities are part of the new frontier for seniors and their families. Baby boomers to continue to “rebel” whether changing society in the 1960s to redefining senior life.

The live patient-to-physician remote video chat and consultation revolutionize health care. Long waiting times in clinics or, worse, frantic trips to a hospital can be avoided with constant monitoring.

Doug Rowe, senior telehealth territory manager for Trapollo, a Cox health technology company, said, “80 percent of those who have a virtual visit with their caregiver prefer that going forward.”

“Internet-enabled devices give seniors the ability to live independently,” said Michael F. Bolognini, vice president and market leader of Cox Las Vegas. “Over the next decade, the aging American population is expected to place increased demands on the U.S. healthcare system. Thanks to new technologies and high-speed internet service, connected care will help bridge the divide between patient and doctor.”

The room sensor that indicated an occupant had fallen and immediately notified designated contacts impressed a guest to the model home. Wanda Tacey, a retired U.S. Air Force Nurse Lt. Colonel, has over 30 years’ experience, mostly in homecare.

“That’s one of the biggest concerns of people as they age or become infirm,” Tacey said. Even caregivers can fall or experience a medical emergency. She also liked the telemedicine face-to-face human interaction with patients wearing a sensor that records blood pressure, for example, which notifies medical staff if something is awry so they can respond immediately.

“Smart home technology can help families avoid the wrenching decision and the expense of moving an aging parent to an assisted living facility,” said Ryland Madison, director of product marketing, Cox Communications. “A connected home ensures seniors can continue their daily routine while maintaining – and even enhancing – their quality of life in their own home.”

Safety is increased with motion detection whether a fall or an intruder. Smart speakers, a telepresence robot, compassion pet, an automated pill dispenser, and electronic shopping list add to the quality of life. Personal nutrition can be improved, and personal care can be less of a burden.

The integrated automation features from Cox Homelife and Cox Contour, in addition to connected devices, are powered by Cox high-speed internet and Panoramic Wi-Fi power.

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