7 Ways To Deal With Workplace Stress

One place where it’s common to experience large amounts of stress is at your workplace. This is because you typically have a lot on your plate and several people you’re dealing with on any given day. You’re not alone if you’re feeling your anxiety levels rising and don’t believe you’re handling your stress very well.

Be aware that there are many different possibilities for how you can deal with being constantly overwhelmed at the office. It’s up to you to recognize when you’re feeling out of sorts and then take action to rectify the situation so it doesn’t snowball. Always remember to put yourself and your health first if you want to succeed at your job.

Exercise and Take Care of Yourself

Exercise is an excellent way to blow off steam and get your stress under control. Find a gym near your workplace you can head to in your free time or go for walks at lunch to burn a few extra calories. Utilize time you have before or after work and on the weekends to work out and stay in shape as well. The most important step you can take that will help reduce your anxieties and keep your wellbeing stable is to take care of yourself. This includes eating right, getting a good amount of sleep each night and focusing on your self-care daily.

Talk it through

Start by being able to pinpoint exactly what’s bothering you and the people involved in the matter before you act on your emotions. Remove yourself from the circumstance if you’re heated in the moment, and allow yourself to cool off before proceeding. When you’re feeling in control again is a good time to sit down with those who are frustrating you and talk through what’s on your mind. Be professional, polite and stick to the facts if you want to get anywhere with your difficult workplace conversations. Also, make sure you listen to what the other person has to say and put yourself in their shoes to help you understand where they’re coming from.

Use Your Vacation Days

You’re granted vacation and sick days for a reason, and it’s so that you can stay healthy throughout the year. Always use your vacation days, even if it means having a staycation and catching up with responsibilities around the house. Don’t be afraid also to go out and let loose if you’re in need of a night out on the town. Use a service such as Angels of London and quickly forget about all your troubles for the time being. Remind yourself that you deserve a little fun once in a while too. In addition, don’t be afraid to call into work and take a mental health day if you need it. Your vacation days are sitting there and available to you, but you have to be willing to take advantage of them.

Pick Your Battles

Deal with stress you’re experiencing in the office by not getting worked up about every tiny little incident that crosses your path. Be wise about which battles you choose to engage in and stay out of matters that don’t directly involve you. It’s a waste of your time and energy to put yourself in the middle of every workplace argument or deliberation. Know what you’re passionate about and focus your attention on those particular matters. What you want to avoid is spreading yourself too thin and causing additional worry and strain on your end.  

Take Breaks

It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and forget to give yourself a rest or break once in a while. You’ll handle difficult situations and workplace stress better when you’re in a good place mentally. Your brain needs downtime and you’ll be more productive in the long run when you allow yourself to sit back and breathe every so often. Get up and grab water or go outside and take a short walk and enjoy some fresh air in between tasks. If you arrive at your desk in the morning and don’t proactively move around throughout the entire day, you’ll likely soon experience exhaustion and won’t be able to perform to the best of your ability.  

Prioritize Your Tasks

What’s going to help you deal with your workplace stress is to prioritize your tasks and put what’s most important at the top of your to-do list each day. Trying to tackle all that’s on your plate with no plan in place for how you’re going to organize your responsibilities will leave you feeling stressed out and frustrated. Write down all that’s going through your mind to help you get a better grasp on what needs your attention first and what can wait for another day. Also, don’t be afraid to say no to requests from others or delegate assignments that you honestly don’t have time for in your schedule.

Keep A Journal

Often you don’t even know what’s going through your head or why you’re upset until you record it down on paper. Keep a journal as a way to sort through your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a healthy manner. Not only include what you’ve been mulling over lately, but come up with strategies for how you can reduce and tackle your stress before it becomes a bigger issue and starts to run your life. You’ll be able to quickly see what’s most important that you need to address at work and what you can sort through on your own when you take time to process all that’s on your mind.


Use these suggestions for how you can better deal with workplace stress and not let it affect your attitude or performance. There’s always going to be some amount of pressure and strain at the office, but you have to be able to manage it and not get so worked up about every incident. You’ll be a much happier person and more pleasant to be around when you proactively keep your emotions in check and are wise about what you choose to let enter your life and mind on a daily basis.

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