Las Vegas Film Festival 2018 Features Films, Live Events and Documentaries

Written and photography by Nikki Artale

The 11th Annual Las Vegas Film Festival was presented with leaders Milo Kostelecky, President; Robin Greenspun Cine, Vegas President; Weston O’Dowell, Programming Director and Mike Plante, Captain of Strategy at the Brendan Theaters in the Palms Las Vegas June 6-10. Everyone appreciated their selection of feature films, the shorts programs by the students of UNLV, CNS and NSC and the video and cinema labs. Check for more information.



Nikki Artale and  Milo Kostelecky

From left: Mae Lovelace, Milo Kostelecky, Tamia Dow and Dayna Thomas

An outstanding documentary featured Sammy Davis Jr: I’ve Gotta Be Me who achieved his American dream in a time of racial prejudice. Thankfully we have come a long way since then. A feature film The Unicorn showed a young couple in search of a threesome to celebrate and renew their re-engagement. It was directed by Robert Schwartzman and starred actors Lauren Lapkus (Jurassic World) and Nick Rutherford. The question and answer segment was very interesting. Lauren is such a natural actress and her rising star will make her famous.

Our young filmmakers and film lovers are wonderful storytellers and we look forward to watching their interesting and unique films. They are the stars of tomorrow. 





Director Bridey Elliott directed her family, mother, father, and sisters in Clara’s Ghost and it surely does mean that a family that acts together stays together. The film is wonderful and it is a chance to believe in the supernatural spirit. 



Desiree Andrews





The volunteers, the assistants and the fabulous teams should be recognized and acknowledged for putting this film festival together and we look forward to next year.


Nikki Artale

Nikki Artale, a woman of many professional backgrounds and experiences, is originally from a small town in northern New Jersey. She moved here to Las Vegas back in 1995 to pursue the booming real estate market and is a contributing columnist for the Las Vegas Informer – interviewing the stars and entertainers for “Vegas Stars.” She has hosted a radio talk show, Celebrity News at All Talk Radio and has also been a part of a live internet webcast at “Live at the Studio.” Her numerous interviews with those responsible for the glamour behind Las Vegas can be found on

Nikki has also been active in the entertainment industry behind the camera – she belongs to the Screen Actors Guild and has been in numerous movies and has also judged screenplays for the Las Vegas Film Fest. Not only has she been behind the camera in the industry but also as a critic and has written many show reviews. You can usually find her at big entertainment events with her Nikon camera and smile, ready to review, interview, and capture the moments that make the night.

Aside from her lengthy experience in the entertainment industry, she is also a successful Real Estate broker with 30 years of professional and dedicated services. She serves the greater Las Vegas area and has an in-depth knowledge of the real estate housing market. She prides herself in giving excellent service to buyers and sellers with 100 percent of her time. You can contact her with the information below for any questions, comments or requests of services. 


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