Why You Need Cruise Travel Insurance

Why do you need travel insurance? Isn’t it just another expense? It’s quite the opposite because it will keep your investment safe if you find yourself in an emergency and have to quit your trip midway.

This is how to protect yourself against hefty penalties on board a cruise liner.

It Protects You During Last Minute Cancellations

The cruise liner won’t care if you cancel your trip because of an emergency. They will count on having you onboard when the ship leaves the dock. So yes, most cruise lines don’t offer refunds. The cruise liners have a complicated chain of cancellation policies. Most companies don’t give a refund if you cancel within 14 days of sailing.

Even worse, cruise lines only sell their travel insurance. But if you read the fine print, you will get refunds if you cancel the trip within covered reasons. These reasons can be:

  • You get injured or die;
  • Sickness;
  • Missing the cruise because you got stuck in traffic;
  • Called on military duty; and 
  • Natural disaster

If you need to cancel for some other reason, do it in time, and the penalty will be only 25 percent.

Try not to lose your investment. Instead, protect it with a cruise insurance policy. Doing this would allow you to cancel your trip with a wide range of reasons.

Medical Emergencies on a cruise ship

When you plan a cruise, it’s easy to forget small details like how far you from the nearest hospital are Even if you are in perfect health, you can never predict if you suffer from a heart attack or break a bone on the ship. If you receive medical attention on board, you better prepare yourself for an expensive medical bill.

Regular health insurance doesn’t cover this, and medical evacuations are common. Most medical cases on a cruise ship are urgent. If you have the worst case, then you will be airlifted to the nearest hospital. The airlift would be expensive as the bill could be in the tens of thousands.

Therefore, you need cruise ship travel insurance.

Missed the boat?

Missing your ride is a possibility, and it’s not uncommon. There is a reason airports and docks deal with leftover bags and stuff. So, if your flight gets canceled due to bad weather, you can miss embarkation unless you have a cruise travel insurance.

Trip delay coverage can help you reimburse for the hotel stay, food, and any prepaid expenses. The reimbursement is only possible if the trip got canceled within six or more hours. Missed connection coverage reimburse for the cost of transportation to the cruise’s first port of call. This is where you can catch up on the big ship.

Cut the Trip Short

Sometimes, it’s better to cut the trip short. For instance, you were in the middle of the trip, and you hear your mother is sick, and you need to get back home fast, but how? This is where the travel insurance comes in handy. It keeps you safe from heavy penalties and losing your traveling privileges altogether.

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