3 reasons to use Google Remarketing

By Anthony Alegrete

Remarketing is not a new idea, but rather, a new feasible idea. The concept, itself, has been around for decades. The newsletters that would arrive from random companies in your mailbox, as well as the hundreds of random emails that flood your inbox, are all examples of remarketing tactics. Google, however, has put a new, fresh spin on remarketing techniques that are proving to be a huge success.

The entire concept is centered on identifying visitors to your website who failed to make a purchase. Don’t worry, this is EXTREMELY common (more on this in a moment). These users will then be shown specific, targeted advertisements for your product. It is this aspect that makes remarketing a thing of beauty. Google has given the advertiser a unique set of tools to convert this previous visitor to a purchasing customer.

The basic premise of how remarketing works is quite simple. After a user visits your site, they are ‘tracked’ so-to-speak with a cookie. You obviously won’t be seeing this user’s personal information, but you will know that they exist. Most importantly, Google knows that they exist. They also know how to reach them. Once you have set up your remarketing campaign, Google is able to target them with your ads as they browse the internet. It is this strategy that often pushes the user who had previously visited your website to return and, subsequently, make the purchase that they have been shown several times.

Why is remarketing so important for online business? I could throw statistics at you (which I soon will), but they alone wouldn’t do the benefits of justice. We will look at three major reasons that Google remarketing is essential, and how you can easily incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Google allows you to target specific customer segments

Okay, so this is pretty sweet! Let’s say that your brand sells electronics. Each day, you will get traffic to your site with people who are checking out some of the products that you have to offer. You decide that you want to specifically target the visitors who viewed your alarm clocks, yet failed to make a purchase. This segment will now become a focal point for your remarketing campaign.

So, what kinds of ads will they see? That is up to you. You may choose to specifically target the users who looked at your alarm clocks. You can set up this segmented campaign to show them your alarm clocks while they browse other sites. This specific targeting has become easier than ever and drives a vast amount of marketing to site visitors who are proven to be in the market for alarm clocks.

If you choose, you can also target organic visitors to your site with a broader, subtler stream of advertisements. This may be quick company images or customer testimonials.  Maybe you have a free-shipping offer on the products that they were looking at. Get creative here! You will know exactly what they were looking at, and you will be throwing this information right back at them. Close the deal!

Remarketing creates brand recognition for new companies

Most likely, your brand isn’t one of the top 100 brands on the market. If it is, more power to you. For the common business owner looking to increase their name recognition amongst web users, remarketing is CRUCIAL.

If I told you that 97 percent of first-time site visitors fail to make a purchase, you would probably question what the heck you had gotten yourself into.  This is simply the facts of online business. So how in the world are you supposed to convert this percentage into customers? Get your brand and product back in front of them!

Google remarketing will put your name in front of the targeted user while they are on YouTube, MSN, Yahoo!, Facebook, you name it! Any customer who may have lacked the motivation to purchase your product will naturally begin to give you credibility.

Remarketing can lead to 50 percent more sales when combined with your active advertising. Think about that for a moment. Wouldn’t you love to increase your $5,000 monthly profit to $7,500, or even $10,000? Remarketing opens this door for you.

It is the most efficient way to reach WORTHWHILE customers

Not every visitor to your site is worthwhile. I know that sounds blunt, but it is simply the truth. A large number of visitors to your site have no intention of making a purchase. Many of the clicks on your advertisements are generic, curious browsers who aren’t necessarily in the market for what you have to offer.

That being said, there is a tremendous amount of money that is spent on targeting customers who are truly in the market for a company’s products. The process can become unrealistic, as well as expensive. Google remarketing has eliminated the guesswork. With the specific targeting of users who have browsed your products, you can identify and reach them without spending anything extra out of your marketing budget.

You heard that right. Remarketing is among the cheapest forms of advertising that are available. Why? Because it lowers your cost per click. Those who are seeing and clicking on your ad have already been introduced to who you are and what you offer. There is a reason they are clicking again. They are interested. They are motivated. They are likely being influenced to follow through with a purchase. There is no cheaper way to get your ad in front of meaningful customers than with Google remarketing ads.

So, what does this all mean for you? Hope! There is hope to recover the visitor who was interested but ultimately left to check out their Facebook page.  It provides an opportunity to reconnect with those who walked out of the front door after a quick look through your store. It allows you to focus your marketing budget on customers who are the most likely to make a purchase when clicking on an ad. It provides an easy and efficient way to target specific visitors to your site with meaningful ad placement about specific products.

If you aren’t taking advantage of remarketing ads in your marketing strategy, you are holding out hope that your profit can be turned by that 3 percent of visitors who actually make a purchase when first arriving at your site. I’m not a man who likes those odds. You shouldn’t be either.

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