San Diego County Fair 2018 – How Sweet It Is!

by Liz Tarnof

The San Diego County Fair has come and gone, spanning 26 days and providing over 1.5 million guests with a magical Candyland experience. “How Sweet It Is” was the theme this year, causing great excitement amongst all the candy and dessert lovers.

Fairgoers experienced sweet embellishments wherever they went and had an added bonus of each food vendor offering an exclusive Unicorn treat. A favorite vendor among many, Chicken Charlie’s; featured many of their sweet treats including the Cotton Candy Ice Cream sandwich which encompassed Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between two hockey puck-shaped discs of compressed pink and blue cotton candy rolled in Fruity Pebbles cereal. For the non-sweet treat fans, Chicken Charlie’s debuted deep-fried filet mignon which was a sizzling success for the deep-fry veteran.

Photo courtesy of San Diego County Fair

Other luscious treats at the fair included Candy Popcorn from the Candy Factory which was popped using liquid food-grade nitrogen to freeze the candied popcorn to a -321 degrees. Get this … the vendor popped an entire field of popcorn!

For guests who were looking for more than just sumptuous treats, there were many activities available including taking a gander at all the prize-winning animals in the Agricultural Barn. Fairgoers could enjoy precious pygmy goats, beautiful butterflies in the Butterfly Free Flight House, a Wild West Turkey Stampede, and so much more.

Some people take their sugar-high in the form of laughter and entertainment. San Diego County native and renowned comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias provided just that at his stand-up show on June 30. Other popular acts included Larry the Cable Guy, the ever so popular Comedy Hypnotist show hosted by Master Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik, and Jeff Ross roasting San Diego.

San Diego County Fair continues to be the largest annual event in San Diego County including one of the top five fairs in the United States and Canada. For more sugar-coated facts and information, visit their official website at

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